do they make these shocks

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by sierraman, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. sierraman

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    my truck has 3" of lift already, i plan to put on 2" lift coils soon, i have been searching for front shocks for 06 sierra(2wd)made for 4-5" of lift but i cant find any, all i can find are shocks made for 6" lifts, does anybody know if these shocks exist?
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    try giving bilstien shocks a call. go to there web sitethere is 2 offices 1 in ga and i think the other is in cal. the one you need to call is in cal they can answer all your questions. thats who i called for the shocks for my truck, just let them know what you want.good luck
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    Black Jack is absolutely right!
    I purchased a brand new set (4) Bilstien 5100 series shocks for my Silverado because I was going to install a leveling kit in the front. The shocks I bought were for 0-1" lift in the rear, and 0-2.5" lift in the front. I have since decided to go with a 6" front and 4" rear lift so I can run 33's on my truck so I will probably end up selling them. Here is Bilstien's application chart for what truck and lift.
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    If you know the shock minimum and maximum length (the shock stroke) you can buy shocks at almost any auto parts store.
    To get the length in the rear unbolt your present shock and lift the truck at the frame until the tire clears the ground. Now measure from shock mount to shock mount. Then lift the truck under the rear axle until the tire is about 3-4" off the ground and measure the from shock mount to shock mount again. Then measure from shock mount to mount while the truck is setting on all 4 wheels.
    Do the same at the front for the measurements (dont forget to unbolt the sway bar up front). Take these measurements to a reputable off road store, they should be able to find a few different manufacturers that have shocks to fit your application.
    With lifted trucks one shock manufacturer doesnt always work best. On one of my trucks I have Rancho on front and Pro Comp on the rear, this works great for that truck. On my Suburban I have Billstein on the front and Rancho RS9000 adjustables on the rear, and it works best for this truck.

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