Do we really have problems here in the US?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by PantheraUncia, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I don't know enough about the legal structure of any of those organizations to comment whether they are or are not non profit, but the IRS certainly checked it out. So it comes down to what the IRS allows for non profits. In order to change that, we'd need Congress to change the rule. With their constant bickering over political positioning, what is the likelihood of that happening? Zilch.

    I think there are some organizations that should be taxed that are not. One is the so called "church" of Scientology. That is no more a church than the pretzel and hot dog vendor outside the sports stadiums. Its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was known as a science fiction writer. Wow, it doesn't take a big leap for him to drum up a new fangled operation to rake in millions while brainwashing the joiners into thinking they belong to a new "religion". And they use two cans with wires attached, to test you to see if your brain waves are doing what they want.

    And maybe some or all of those sports organizations should pay some tax too. Certainly wouldn't hurt to charge them at least a little taxes.
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    Thats OK The Players that make MILLIONS a year try not to pay the taxes too...:grrrrrr: They just go around shooting them selfs, Making Babys, and doing Drugs.. Gotta Love the life....
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    There is a problems in the US and not just that. I normally don't get into this stuff because of different strong opinions. Don't normally go well, lol

    *I be leave in a flat tax

    *I be leave I should be able to own a semi-automatic gun legally if I want. I don't care if there is a background check. Criminals don't listen to laws. If they do maybe we should make drugs illegal.

    *I love the US but scared of what the government is doing. Even older Russian-Americans said this is how it started there.

    *I think if you get government assistance you should get a random drug test- we will save more because there will be less people on it.

    *I be leave if you are on government assistance and have three kids, you should not be able to have more until you can take care of them by yourself.

    I can go on and on but don't want to start to much here because with my beliefs, I'm sure I will **** someone off. Which is not what I am trying to do. Just my thoughts. Sorry if i went off topic.
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    Curky, you are right there are other sides to this too.... Not being affiliated to any of the these organizations.....

    There are retired NFL player that are suing the NFL because of brain injuries and stuff now. The way I see it is.

    You are being paid multiple, some times tens of millions of dollars to play foot ball professionally. If you manage the money the way you "should" be. You are getting paid an annual salary of $30k-$60k per year and what ever else you make is "hazzard pay" for your trouble.

    It is not there to buy 30 million dollar homes, $250,000 sports cars, women or what ever else floats your boat.

    You (Football Player) need to come back down to earth and learn what real life is like. That is no one elses fault but yours.
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    It is called "assumption of risk", a tort principle, and I am sure this will be argued by the NFL in the concussive syndrome class action lawsuit.

    The players are saying that they didn't know the risk and the NFL had information about it that they did not disclose. It is similar to the argument made against the tobacco industry, which in that case it was successful since there was an overabundance of evidence that they buried the information and could have disclosed it decades ago. I don't know enough about the concussive syndrome information to comment on whether they knew or did not know 20 or so years ago.
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    100 percent agree with every point here [MENTION=53221]Curky[/MENTION]. I have to get drug tested for my job for working for a public utility so the taxes I pay that benefits someone able to sit on their rear (and may or may not deserve) should also be tested. But then they will claim with a positive test result that they have a disease and need more assistance to basically kick the habit. Im sure a lot of them have the system down pat and make a living doing it. I believe it should be temporary only. Maybe 6 months with 1 extension available for unusual circumstances. No children allowed until you can prove you can care for them!! There are so many better things that make sense government could do with their time and money.
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    Hey Curky! Good for you! I agree, and as a retired federal employee, I'm glad I'm out of it! I saw so much crap when I was working it would curl your hair.
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    As a professional football player they should have a perfect competent understanding of the term " Contact Sport" and what happens in "Contact Sports"
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    From what I've read, the NFL takes ALL the money it makes (after expenses which includes salaries of employees) and divides the money by 32 (number of teams in the NFL). After the money has been sent to each team, the IRS taxes the NFL franchise.

    Trust me, the gubment will get their money.

    Collegiate conferences work on the same principle.

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