do you have back-up lights? i dont! i do however have orange turnlights...

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  1. Kelmannen

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    Hello forum members! the crazy swede with his imported junk again! :p (GMC Savana Explorer Hitop -03 5,3L)

    I didn't notice when i bought it but my car has no back-up light! I didn't even check it when i bought it because i thought it was a standard feature :p (and i bought it in daylight, so didnt need it when i tested it...)

    I do hoverver (as usual) have a theory about it, my rear lights are red and white and uses red for tail and rear lights (duh!) and the white for turn signal (it's orange lamps) but the interesting thing is that they ar not E-stamped (which every lightcap should be here in europe, so i guess it-s the original american ones)

    So my question for you, do your car have back-up in the white lamps and uses the red lights for turning?

    If so i guess whoever imported my car did a cheapo and cut/paste some wires :/

    thanks for any answers
  2. thesavo

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    Yes there should be reversed lamps. My father and I hooked up a loud alarm for people waking behind it. The red lamps are called combo lamps.
    Low and high

    Low is for the parking lamps. The turn setting be fore full head lamps. The high is for turn signals and brake. The turn signal switch has the brake feeding it. It pulses the side that is turning, if the brake is depressed, only the non turning side is high. The turning side continues to pulse. Parking lamps (low) should be uneffected.

    The White part is for revseve. Your probably have a fault the on the shifter. Or broken wire back there
    . I'll look for a diagram for your 2003. Check the bulbs by having an assistant put it into reverse with foot on brake. Test with new bulbs or a test light.

    I would love to see pics. I bet yours has the clear bit in the center.

    I did find diagrams. They show no export option and I am not finding any lenses with amber or an extra socket for an amber bulb.
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  4. thesavo

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    Thank you @99heartbeat. I have the same lenses in my father's 2007 Passenger van. That was the first year of the new design. Does Sweeden required dedicated turns from the brake?
    Can they allow the American layout to be restored?
    I see no export configurations to the wiring schematic that would allow for amber or dedicated turn signals.
    Your options are fixit to the factory layout. Find an aftermarket "euro" lends. Or cut a whole in the bottom of the lens - separating get the brake signal from the turn.

    I have a Ford Taurus. They come from the factory in the combo configuration. It is very common Ford Taurus owners to Break the turn signal from the brake.
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  5. RayVoy

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    @Kelmannanm I suspect you have the red/clear/red lens and light assembly that is in the previous post. This is the North American tail light. I do not know if your light assembly looks different, I suspect it should. I am also not real familiar with the lighting requirements for the European vehicles. I do know that in some area of Europe that it is mandatory to leave the driver's side tail light on when parked over night. Do you have this requirement and do you have a switch to provide this need?

    Because of the above, I am lead to believe the left and the right tail light assemblies are different. I suspect, the driver's side should be red/clear/red while the passenger's side is red/clear/clear.

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    Your Welcome thesavo....and I agree with what RayVoy has mentioned above.
  7. thesavo

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  8. Kelmannen

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    Well, it has the same taillights as the -03 on the posted pictures, but mine uses the white fields as turn signals instead of reverse lights :-/ in Sweden, if you import a car you have to fit orange turn lights all around and also a side turnlight right behind the front wheel or on the side mirrors but I think there isn't a law on reverse lights so instead for change light for 300$ they did some spaghetti magic I guess, I'll remove the lights and take a picture as soon a I can, -10C atm and very snowy weather atm... Got about 70-80cm atm (~2,5feet) in about 1,5 month :p

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