Do you put diesel in a gas truck?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by rileyjr16, Sep 16, 2013.

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  2. dsfloyd

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    This is what I do ^^^^^

    I have heard of the diesel thing too but dont remember the mix ratio.
  3. dobey

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    Ethanol is a natural cleaning agent, so you don't really need to worry about adding diesel as a means to clean the fuel pump and injectors. Petroleum is also a natural lubricant, and how the fuel pump is normally lubricated. If you want additional cleaning and lubrication, then a standard cleaner/lube mix-in like the ones from Lucas or STP will generally suffice. If you want to add additional lubrication, to make up for the loss of any lubrication in a 10% ethanol mix, or with E85, then adding in some "top end lube" wouldn't be a bad idea. All the drag racers running methanol or ethanol, have to run it to help out with lubrication as the alcohol doesn't lube as well as gasoline does.
  4. Pikey

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    This is true. But, ethanol also causes corrosion. You are correct that you can use a STP or Lucas additive. But, TC-W3 2 cycle is much cheaper to use. I bought a gallon of it for $22. I have used it with every fill up for the last 6 months and I am barely half thru the gallon. You can get it cheaper if you don't buy the synthetic. I think that I saw somewhere that walmart has it for $14 a gallon.
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    Yeah, on first thought there is something to this ... but I wouldn't do it to any vehicle of mine.
    [MENTION=14295]tbplus10[/MENTION] is right. Diesel and some of the fuel system cleaners do have a common origin, but I would want to talk to a chemical engineer before I would recommend this. Plus, why not just get one of the tried-and-true cleaners like SeaForm or RXP instead of trying to figure out the proper way to dilute it?
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    Gasoline used to have decent lubricating qualities too, before the govt. required unleaded fuel.
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    Giving that a shot, off to walmart I go! Any brand preference for the two of you that already do this?
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    I use pensoil full synthetic marine formula.
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    Marvel mystery oil is supposed to a bit like heavier diesel
    read that somewhere
    The diesel in gas-real oldschool
    2 gallons per tank-seems a bit high-
    probably would use less-maybe a pint or so per tank if I was going to do it
    EASIER to just use sea foam techron etc
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    Maybe my figure was a little high. He said today that he never put over a gallon of it in his truck. I was young

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