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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by yotchie, May 21, 2010.

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    i have a set of halo lights for my 04 silverado. and one of the halo rings burned out. and i got the bulb out but it has no part number. i went to the manufacturers website and they have no part listings. its a junyan light. and no specialty automotive store can tell me so much as a part number. they see the light and get some blank looks of their face. basically it looks like a T the connectores go down and there are 2 small L.E.Ds that face opposite directions at the top. any help would be greatly appreciated:neutral:
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    Do a search on here,somebody made some and I believe he got his parts from Radio Shack.. How long before it burned out? I just put some in mine and that was my biggest concern.
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    Break out the soldering gun, because your about to journey into a project from hell! I have a write up on this site about my projector headlights, because mine arrived doa and I rebuilt all the internals including the halos. Those leds are 3mm generic junk off ebay probably, and they are soldered to a resistor and then a diode and then all of that is soldered to a piece of red or black wire which sounds exactly what you are describing. It is possible to make all of that and get them working, check out my thread because there are a ton of pictures in it. I would post it myself, but I'm on my phone at work right now.....
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