Does anyone know if build plates are used anymore.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by WorthFlorida, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. WorthFlorida

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    :happy:I have a 2012 Silverado and the window sticker did not have any options codes listed. I cannot find any plate or sticker, such as, so I know what the engine is other than 5.3L iron block (LM?) and other options from the factory.:glasses:
  2. mfleetwood

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    Check the inside of your glove box and you should see a sticker. At least that's where it's located in my truck.
  3. SurrealOne

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    Heh, I read the title of this and was like 'what's a build plate?' I had no idea that was a term applied to the RPO code listing in the glovvie. :)
  4. Pikey

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    type your vin into this site: It will tell you what all of the RPO codes mean. It tells you everything that your truck rolled out of the factory with. Gear ratio, engine, alternator size, tire size, ...........
  5. WorthFlorida

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    Thanks, I did not know that they are called RPO but at one time they were a metal plate riveted on the firewall. The car would be build on the codes listed so I assume it was called a build plate for lack of a better term. Most options were coded and sometimes there would be a plate near the radiator mount (70's).

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    Great, I'll bookmark it.
  6. j cat

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  7. RayVoy

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    Haha, and there would be a paper copy under the rear seat cushion.

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