Does anyone use Quaker State Full synthetic oil?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Pikey, Jan 20, 2013.


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    Agree! The extra quart you need costs a lot more than the per-quart price in the 5-gallon container!
  2. steved

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    I pay $5.25 a quart for full synthetic...shipped to my door.

    At one point, generic Mobil1 state something like "* full synthetic exclusive of carrier oil", unless you bought the higher end stuff. Something to do with the whole Castrol "what's a synthetic" lawsuit? I was running Mobil 1 EP at nearly $9/qt initially, then changed brands because of the cost.

    As I stated previously, anything with that dexos1 cert is going to be a pretty decent oil, regardless of brand.
  3. BurbanMan

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    Hell no! You couldn't pay me to run penzoil/quakerstate brand anything in my vehicles!
  4. Cowpie

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    While I agree that most of the major brands are pretty good, I have grown partial to Schaeffer oils. I like them in my business stuff, and they make a very good 5w30 full synthetic, that may not be on the dexos list, but it fully dexos compliant. Schaeffer has been making oils longer than anyone else in America.... since 1839. Their product line dwarfs just about everyone else. They primarily cater to trucking, ag, and construction type of stuff which is why most people have never heard of them. But they make stellar products that are about as good as it gets. And the prices are not bad. I buy in bulk quantities, so I get it for less than by the quart pricing. But they will sell cases of quarts to anyone. Just go on and you can read about their products and technical stuff and find a rep or retail location near you.
  5. BurbanMan

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    I've heard lots of good things about Schaefer! Where can it be purchased? I live in 4 corners, CO
  6. Cowpie

    Cowpie Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    Go to the link and put in your zip and find whats around you for retail sales or a rep. I plugged in your zip 81323 and got a couple of hits for dealers, one in Farmington, NM and the other in Montrose. Here is the page for the dealer out of Farmington.

    They can send product to your door. There would be additional charge for that unless you meet, I think, the $300 threshold. At that point, shipping is free. Unless you are a bulk user, getting with some others and making a larger order would be the wise thing to do.
  7. BurbanMan

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    Wow. Nearest retailer is 1.5 hr from me :( oh eBay!
  8. Cowpie

    Cowpie Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    Well, most of the online sales stuff I have seen is down right criminal in their pricing. For comparison, I can get Schaeffer 9000 from my local sales rep, delivered free to me, at $20 a gallon. I would check with one of the reps from the website, probably the one I gave you a link to, and check with them about pricing. A couple of online sites I checked had 9000 series oil at $31 a gallon or over $11 a quart. That is obscene. And they still wanted to hit a buyer for shipping! Makes me wonder how they sell any of the stuff.
  9. stchman

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    My problem with running a non dexos approved oil like Amsoil, Redline, Royal Purple, etc., is in the off chance that I do have an engine problem, I don't want to have to fight the dealer or GM about my warranty because I felt I needed to use an oil that wasn't on the list.

    While I am sure that the oil you listed above is dexos compliant and a good oil, it is not on GM's dexos approved list. GM is the maintainer of my 5yr/100K powertrain warranty, so I just use Mobil 1 and be safe.
  10. Cowpie

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    Lots of folks feel that way. Nothing wrong with that. Each person has to live inside their own comfort zone. My comfort zone is broader, primarily due to my experiences with a lot of commercial trucks, so using something not on the list doesn't keep me up at night. When I had no problem yanking off the stock exhaust manifold and turbo and putting on a non-OEM turbo and exhaust manifold on a newly purchased $18,000 engine (plus $5000 core charge) from Detroit Diesel and not worrying about any warranty issues, the oil I use in my pickup doesn't cause me any appreciable concern because it is not on a "list". Besides, the owners manual says dexos "or equivalent". Schaeffer is more than equivalent. Bases are all covered quite handsomely.

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