Does anyone use Quaker State Full synthetic oil?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Pikey, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. stchman

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    While I'm sure Schaeffer is a fine oil, but other than people saying "I feel like it's a better oil", it offers no better protection than Mobil 1. No compelling reason to use anything but Mobil 1.
  2. steved

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    Ummm, actually there are lots of UOAs showing it protects every bit as good as Mobil1. Besides, the best Mobil1 EP is nearly $9/quart locally and you have to go buy it, I pay $5.25/quart and its delivered to my door. And it is now dexos1 compliant, at least the 5-gallon buckets I just got have it printed on them. I looked through the owner's manual when I bought my truck, and it does not say anywhere that "only" a dexos1 oil is required; and as was stated; that whole equivalent thing (Schaeffer's is now equivalent, just like Amsoil and a whole lot of big name oils who didn't want to pay the certification fee).

    I started on Mobil1 EP, and the last few runs have been looks the same coming out of the pan as the Mobil 1 did. Now that I'm sure the Mobil 1 is flushed out of the system, I'll be pulling a UOA on the next OCI.

    I have been on these forums for just over a year now, I have not seen one thread where GM denied a warranty claim because the owner didn't use a dexos1 oil...and I would expect two things if it did: the Amsoil crowd would have chirped pretty loud about not being able to use THEIR oil, and a single warranty denial would have spread like wildfire through these forums!

    Not to mention that Schaeffer is more than motor oil...

    So there are many reasons that someone might want to use something other than Mobil 1...
  3. stchman

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    More than just a motor oil? Please elaborate on that.

    Mobil 1 EP is $26 a 5 quart jug at the local Walmart while Mobil 1 is $22 a 5 quart jug. So $9 a quart for EP is rather ridiculous. IMO there is no compelling reason to use Mobil 1 EP over Mobil 1 as all EP is supposed to do is give you extended drain intervals. Since the OLM in my Silverado would not know that I'm using EP, and EP is more expensive, Mobil 1 is the obvious choice.

    I started another thread and what I would like to see if REAL WORLD TESTING that Amsoil, Royal Purple, Schaeffer, etc., is a better oil than Mobil 1, Quaker State Full Synthetic, Castrol Edge, Pennzoil Platinum, etc. I don't drive my truck in a laboratory, so some actual testing would be great.
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    It is possible that Steved was referring to the two proprietary additives that Schaeffer uses in it's oils.... Micron Moly and Pentrol, both of which are friction modifiers meant to complement each other. Maybe he meant something else.

    I guess you could start a thread to discover how well the various oils perform, but that really has been done already at the BITOG website forums. There are tons of used oil samples that are available there for you to spend hours and hours going over, along with following the discussions on each one of them. I'll clue you in ahead of time.... Mobil 1 does not always rank on top. And Schaeffer has a pretty good reputation there. And don't try to spar with the boys at that site unless you are going to wear your cup. There are several members on that site who are professional tribologists and other petroleum specialists. You get into a scrapping war over there, you had better darn sure know what you are talking about.

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