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    Thanks to everyone here and the very helpful info I know that the largest you can go with leveling kit is 33" tires on stock rims. I know some have opted for the 32.8" and others the 33.2" my quesion is where does the wiggle room run out ? I have a 2010 crew Z71 - How far can I go into the fraction above 33" with leveling kit? I know BFG has some 305/65/18/s that measure in at 33.7". Would they fit with some trimming ? or am I just dreaming ? Keep in mind I want to use stock 18" rims. Thanks
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    I'm running 275/70/18's. Those are a 33.2 according to their specs. I did not not trim anything and the only time I hear it rub is at a hard left turn and hitting a dip in the road. As you can see I have stock rims as well. Hope that helps.

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