does the volant fits well????

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by kike, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. kike

    kike New Member

    Well im looking arround to buy an intake im not gonna beat a dead horse and ask wich one so my question is ... if anybody has install the volant in the nbs 2007 5.3 ? i did my research and some ppl say it was not a perfect fit and also that the clamps didnt work?? does anyone has personal experience with one of this intake on this particular truck ?? or should i just go with the aem since i havent find any complaints about the fitting or installation on it ?? thanks in advance :neutral:
  2. Yes, the Volant fits with no problem. We have one on Matt's 5.3L 07 Silverado. We also carry them, We'll get you a good deal on it just PM us.
  3. 04SilverChevy

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  4. suicide_star

    suicide_star Rockstar

    i installed that Volant setup on my nbs 4.8 and it fit perfectly, all the hoses fit properly, the box fits absolutely perfectly, no complaints...anybody having a problem should crack open the instructions =P
  5. 5point3

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    I have an 08, where have you been!! But he is right I had no problems at all and we can help get either intake you choose.
  6. adidasboy918

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    Can you guys shoot me a price on a Volant with the powercore oil free filter?
    Thanks guys
  7. 5point3

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    You have a pm.
  8. kike

    kike New Member

    well thanks for all the input guys im gonna order the volant then ... i used autoanything for a lot of part on my prior car, so i have a $50 off with them so the dry flow filter is gonna be about $270 ... unless you guys think theres something better for around the same price thanks....also im getting my exhaust done tomorrow 40 series delta flow... i cant wait....
  9. lerbud

    lerbud New Member

    Can you give me a price on the dry filter only? I have an 06 5.3L with the oiled type now.

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