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    After going through the forums I found several articles on hyper flash in LED turn signals. I currently have aftermarket Spec-D LED tail lights and do not have so called Hyper Flash. I am guessing that the box that I had to install on my vehicle seperate from the tail light housing is the load resistor. This all came in the box and was part of the wiring for the tail lights. I have seen posts that I can get my 07 NNBS truck reprogrammed for around $100 dollars for LED lights so that I wouldn't have to install the load resistors. This is option 1 because with the upgrade of my new headlight assembly I am going to install amber LEDs in my park/turn signals. I have seen a lot of people are installing load resistors and I don't want to splice into my wiring. I did find some error free wiring adaptor harness' that has the load resistor installed. This is option 2, and probably the way that I go. Now for the help of great people on GMTC Forums, I know that I have to install a harness on each side. In my Chilton's manual the wiring schematic is showing that one of the two lights is jumpered from the other light, would I need to use a wiring harness for each LED bulb, or would I be able to use one wiring harness for each side? Any thoughts?

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