Dome light not working when opening doors

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by fooddaman, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Hey Guys,

    I have a weird problem. When opening the doors, the dome light is no longer working, this is either door (just a 2 door, reg cab). However, when I use the light dimmer switch, it works. How weird? Is there a relay somewhere? I can't imagine there would be a fuse just for the doors opening.


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    I'll mentioned this, have you tried the Dome Override Button, to see if it still works??.....below are the steps for turning the Dome Light on and off, with the Dome Override button,

    .......You can use the dome override button, located below the exterior lamps control, to set the dome lamps to come on
    automatically, or remain off, when the doors are opened. To turn the lamps off, press the button to the in position. With the button in this position, the dome lamps will remain off when the doors are open. To return the lamps to automatic operation, press
    the button again and return it to the out position.

    .......The dome lamps will come on when you open a door. You can also turn the dome lamps on by turning the thumbwheel, located next to the exterior lamps control, all the way up. In this position, the dome lamps will remain on whether the doors are opened or closed.


  3. fooddaman

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    I thought the same thing... I never mess with that button, however, that doesn't mean a gremlin didn't get in and push it. I'll go out and test this here in a few and report back.

    Man, I'll feel silly if that is it :)


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    Wow...I'm sure I checked that earlier... I feel pretty silly now :oops:

    Nice catch... by the way... did you know that :sign0144:

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    Pardon me while I :lol:
  5. fooddaman

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    Thanks :) Nice truck BTW
  6. SurrealOne

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    Why thank you!

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