Dome light stays on!

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Scottydog, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Scottydog

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    I bought a 2003 Suburban a few weeks ago, and as of yesterday the dome light will not shut off when the door is closed. I have been using the over-ride button switch to keep it off all the time, but now it stays ON all the time regardless of switch position. (The door courtesy light shuts off if the button is pressed in and the door is open, but the dome stays on, so I'm guessing the swich itself is working). The dome light DOES shut off after the 10 minute(?) time-out period is reached, so at least my battery won't drain . . .

    Any ideas are appreciated!


  2. collinsperformance

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    i am sorry for a guess as i not too sure of the newer trucks, but is the manual switch off? the switch maybe bad...mike
  3. Scottydog

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    Thanks for the reply Mike, but yes, the manual switch(es) are off (driver and passenger dome/map lights are both on).
  4. Scottydog

    Scottydog New Member

    DOH! DOH! The manual switches WERE on! :confused:

    Here's the scoop . . . The dome lights were staying on, even after I pressed the overhead switches multiple times. So I decided it must be a bad by-pass switch. I pulled the headlight switch cluster out, and opened up the box. I located the contacts on the circuit board for the by-pass button switch, and checked continuity: no contact! So, I tweaked the switch parts, stretched the springs a bit, etc, and then it showed normal function. I re-installed the switch box, and . . . dome lights still on!!

    This is when I posted my message. However, a few hours later I pushed the overhead buttons and voila! the lights went out. So, I fixed the actual problem (bad by-pass switch), only to create a red herring. Thanks for reading about my 'problem' and I hope this note spares you similar confusion!


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