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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by SoundZman, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. SoundZman

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    For some reason yesterday after a short drive, I came home and when I opended the door to get out, I noticed none of the dome lights came on. However, the perimeter door lights DID and if I manually turned the dome lights on they would work. I also went around and opened each door to check the door contacts, none turned the lights can't be a fuse since the lights do actually turn on.

    I did hear they thing have a Light Control Module, or something to that effect. Any ideas on where this box is located?

    2003 Suburban LT 4x4
  2. unplugged

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    If one of the door contacts is faulty is can "appear" open to the system. As you may know, if you leave a door open, the interior lights shut down. Once shut the interior lights resume normal operation. However if you have a faulty door switch the door appears open all the time. Try disconnecting / reconnecting the battery to reset the controller. If the interior lights resume operation you will need to isolate the offending switch.

    I don't know the location of the module, but check Autozone's website. They have a component locator that may help.
  3. pmf608

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    Just to make sure - is the the dome override button on you light control switch is NOT pressed, right?
    I would make sure of that before you go chasing an electrical problem. hope this helps.
  4. cascott325

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    i agree with pmf608, make sure you or someone else hasne hit the dome override button as seen here
    square #7, the button under the switch

    if that isnt your problem, then you will have to locate the switches controlling your lights, and take an ohmmeter to find which one is faulty. post back with what you find, and we can help you through testing your switches if you need it
  5. SoundZman

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    Oh no, the override switch was not pressed.

    I did a little more research, thanks to a nice sticky on this forum, and found the module in question is actually called a Body Control Module and it control the door triggers and dome light supervision. As well, I did find a blown fuse that I previously missed, swapped it and got the dome light back functioning. Looks like it's fixed. Hopefully it doesn't keep blowing fuses...thanks for the help guys!

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