Dome lights dont come on when doors open

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  1. CmdrPopNFresh

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    hey a first time poster here. just got a 97 tahoe 2 door. thought id start off right...with 2 questions.

    first dome lights dont come one when i open my doors.....but if i use the dimmer switch all the way up my lights come on. so do i have 3 bad door switches or am i missing something. also on a side note....whats the dome light override switch supposed to do? cause mine does nothing.

    second question....any idea where i might find some wiring diagrams?

    thanks for any help!
  2. KidHauler

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    Welcome to the site.

    The dome override switch is just that - an override. Pushed in, it keeps the dome light from coming on; in the out position, it turns the dome light on when the doors open.
    If the dome lights aren't working in either position, check your fuses.

    Good luck,
  3. unplugged

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    Probably a bad door switch. To keep the battery from draining, the light control is designed to kill the dome light if you leave the door open. It resets when you close the offending door. Hence if you have a bad door switch the light control never resets and you get a non functioning dome light. Check each switch. Most likely only one switch is bad. The drivers door and the hatch get most of the action, so start there first.
  4. a4X42nv

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    I have a 95 Tahoe and all my door switches did not work when I picked it up. The override switch did nothing either. I replaced my door switches and everything worked great. The dome & courtesy lights came on when doors are open and override switched off. I tried one at a time and only the one I replaced worked and made the dome lights come on so I had to replace both of them. The door switches as well as the dimmer switch each provide a ground to the lights when activated(dimmer) or opened(doors switches). 12 v comes from the crtsy fuse to all the dome and courtesy lights, so if they work with the dimmer switch, your fuse as well as your dimmer switch is good.
    A chiltons manual came with my tahoe and the wiring diagrams are not the greatest, but if you have some electronics knowledge you can make due with it. Good luck!
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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Let us know if you get them to work.

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