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    Sorry if this was already posted but I searched for it and couldn't find it. TSB 11046 must be for the canadians because the extended coverage is in kilometers. Now I have to try and find my receipts from 2009...

    Reference Number(s): 10240, Date of Issue: May 09, 2011 2003-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban Tahoe; 2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado; 2003-2006 GMC Yukon, Yukon XL; 2003-2007 GMC Sierra; Equipped with Manual HVAC (CJ3) or Heavy Duty Heater (C42) Affected Model(s):
    Related Ref Number(s): 10240
    On some 2003-2006 model year Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe; GMC Yukon, Yukon XL; and 2003-2007 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra vehicles equipped with a manual heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system (CJ3) or heavy duty heater (C42), the interface between the electrical terminals of the relay resistor module and the wiring connector that powers the module may be incapable of conducting higher current levels for sustained periods of blower motor operation. In addition, moisture and other contaminants may enter the fresh air intake plenum and contact the internal circuit of the module or corrode the terminals. If any of these were to occur, the relay resistor module or wiring connector could overheat and the HVAC blower may not function on certain blower settings or may be inoperative. This may be accompanied by a burning smell or smoke.
    This special coverage covers the condition described above for a period of 10 years or 150,000 miles (240,000 km), whichever occurs first, from the date the vehicle was originally placed in service, regardless of ownership.
    Dealers are to install a new blower motor resistor and resistor module connector. The repairs will be made at no charge to the customer.
    For vehicles covered by Vehicle Service Contracts, all eligible claims with repair orders on or after May 10, 2011, are covered by this special coverage and must be submitted using the labor operation codes provided with this bulletin. Claims with repair orders prior to May 10, 2011, must be submitted to the Service Contract provider.
    Involved are certain 2003-2006 model year Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe; GMC Yukon, Yukon XL; and 2003-2007 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra vehicles equipped with a manual HVAC (CJ3) or heavy duty heater (C42).
    IMPORTANT: Dealers are to confirm vehicle eligibility prior to beginning repairs by using the Applicable Warranties section in the Global Warranty
    Management system.
    Parts required to complete this special coverage are to be obtained from General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales (GMCC & A).
    Parts Information Part Number Description Qty/ Vehicle 15862656 Connector, SW-Pwr St Adjr 1 89019088 Resistor, Blo Mot (A/C & Htr) 1 89019089 Resistor, Blo Mot (Heater Only) 1
    NOTE: The resistor module connector and blower motor resistor will need to be replaced if one or more of the symptoms below is present.
     The HVAC blower may not function on certain or all blower speed settings
     A burning plastic smell or smoke may be present in the vehicle
     The HVAC blower may run continually with the ignition in the OFF position

    Determine if one or more of the above symptoms is present. If required, refer to HVAC diagnostic information in SI. Refer to Resistor Module Connector and Blower Motor Resistor Replacement in this bulletin if one or more of the symptoms are present. Other HVAC repairs are NOT covered in this product safety special coverage bulletin.
    Resistor Module Connector and Blower Motor Resistor Replacement
    1.Remove the blower fuses (Htr A/C & HVAC 1 fuses). 2.Lower the close-out panel enough to gain access to the resistor module connector. 3.Disconnect the connector from the resistor module.
    NOTE: Connector replacement is required even if the connector was replaced on a previous service repair.
    4.Remove the tape from the wiring harness to expose the wiring.
    5.Cut the wires back far enough from the connector to eliminate any melted insulation on the wire.
    NOTE: Use the old connector as a map for splicing the wires for the new connector. Be sure to use the correct crimping tool from the terminal repair kit J 38125. Use only Duraseal splice sleeves. Other splice sleeves may not protect the splice from moisture or provide a good electrical connection.
    6.Install the new connector. Use the yellow splice sleeves provided with the connector. 7.Install the new blower motor resistor. 8.Reinstall the fuses. Test the blower motor to make sure all speeds are functional. 9.Reinstall the hush panel/close-out panel.
    Customer requests for reimbursement of previously paid repairs for the condition described in this bulletin are to be submitted to the dealer May 31, 2012, unless otherwise specified by State law. Repairs must have occurred within 10 years of the date the vehicle was originally placed in service, or 150,000 miles (240,000 km), whichever occurs first.
    All reasonable customer paid receipts should be considered for reimbursement. The amount to be reimbursed will be limited to the amount the repair would have cost if completed by an authorized General Motors dealer.
    When a customer requests reimbursement, they must provide the following:
     A completed Customer Reimbursement Request Form. This form is mailed to the customer or can be obtained from the dealer.
     The name and address of the person who paid for the repair.
     VIN, original paid receipt confirming the amount of repair expense(s) that were not reimbursed, a description of the repair, and the person or entity performing the repair.
    If a reimbursement request is denied, dealers MUST provide the customer with an explanation, in writing, as to why the request was denied. GM expects all reimbursement requests to be properly resolved within 30 days of receipt. If the denial was due to missing documents, the customer can resubmit when the missing documents are obtained, as long as it is still within the allowed reimbursement period.
    The General Motors Courtesy Transportation program is intended to minimize customer inconvenience when a vehicle requires a repair that is covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranties. The availability of courtesy transportation to customers whose vehicles are within the warranty coverage period and involved in a product program is very important in maintaining customer satisfaction. Dealers are to ensure that these customers understand that shuttle service or some other form of courtesy transportation is available and will be provided at no charge. Dealers should refer to the General Motors Service Policies and Procedures Manual for Courtesy Transportation guidelines.
    Submit a transaction using the table below.
    Warranty Transaction Information Labor Code Description Labor Time Net Item T5816 Diagnostic Time Only - No Repair Required (condition other than described in bulletin) 0.1-0.3 N/A T5817 Replace HVAC Module Connector and Resistor 0.6 N/A T5818 Customer Reimbursement Approved 0.2 * T5819 Customer Reimbursement Denied - For US dealers only 0.1 N/A
    * The amount identified in "Net Item" should represent the dollar amount reimbursed to the customer.
    General Motors will notify customers of this special coverage on their vehicles (see copy of typical customer letter included with this bulletin - actual divisional letter may vary slightly).
    Dear General Motors Customer:

    **removed apology section due to posting size limitations-(we love you, we're sorry, we're doing the right thing) you get the drift**

    Customer Notification Division Number Text Telephones (TTY) Chevrolet 1-800-222-1020 1-800-833-2438 GMC 1-800-462-8782 1-888-889-2438 Guam 65-6267-1752 Puerto Rico - English 1-800-496-9992 Puerto Rico - Espanol 1-800-496-9993 Virgin Islands 1-800-496-9994
    We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience; however we have taken this action in the interest of your continued satisfaction with our products.
    Jim Moloney
    General Director,
    Customer and Relationship Services

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