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  1. CG-ITS

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    hey guys,

    does anyone here know where the door chime module is located in my 04 Tahoe?

    I think the sound is made using the cars speaker systems, so I was wondering whether that was an individual module that feeds the radio or whether it's a part of the factory radio...

  2. Jimmiee

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    I believe the door chime feature is controlled by the body Control Module located on lower left of steering column.
  3. bill190

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    The chime is generated by the radio, or if you have a separate factory amplifier for the radio, the chime would be generated in the separate amplifier.

    Signals to sound the chime are sent from one or more other computer modules via a computer local area network to the radio or the amplifier.

    Details of operation and wiring diagrams would be in a GM Factory Service Manual set for your year/model vehicle. This set of books can be ordered from or a GM dealer.
  4. CG-ITS

    CG-ITS New Member


    Alrighty then. Thank you very much for the information.
    I was hoping the chime signal would be sent by an individual module, but if either one of the other computers can do that, than separating the chime from the car would be more work than I am willing to put into it.
    I would've liked to use the same chime in my old Grand Cherokee, because it is much more pleasant than the Jeep's.

    But I have to say, CAN-Bus integration in the Tahoe is really working nice.
    Great Job Chevy did there, unfortunately it makes ideas like mine here almost impossible.

    Thanks everyone.
  5. bill190

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    Because you mentioned the magic term CAN-bus, I'll add a bit more as I suspect you may be technically inclined!...

    I don't know for sure if just the BCM computer would send audible warnings or if others might as well. It is possible for any computer module on the "class 2" network or other computer networks to send a chime signal to the radio though.

    If you know computers and electronics, you could learn more about how this works (in general, not specific) by getting a GM factory service manuals set for your year/model vehicle. This has descriptions of operation for everything like this as well as wiring diagrams. (Order from or a GM dealer.)

    In general these service manuals are designed for fixing something which is not working. So each area will describe how that specific system works. Not backwards like what all chime signals are sent to the radio? It's more like key chime not working, here is how that "portion" of the systems works.

    So lots of reading (these books sets can be 6000 pages long) to check any system which might send an audible signal to the radio.

    For example some air bag systems have visual warning lamps. But they will detect if the lamp is burned out and then give an audible warning alarm if the airbag system is malfunctioning AND the lamp is burned out. So an air bag computer could possibly send an audible warning directly to the radio under certain circumstances. (I don't know)

    But if it did, it might not be mentioned in the radio section nor in the audible warnings section. It might only be mentioned in the air bag section!

    Anyway it is fun to learn how all this stuff works.

    Here is more on the CAN-bus...–area_network

    And here is a very geeky book and all the electrnic gizmos in vehicle of the future, local area networks, etc...
    Bosch Automotive Electrics, Automotive Electronics...

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