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    ok fellas, i'm wondering if anyone knows where to get a drivers side door latch for a 2000 silverado online? i've been having a problem with my truck thinking the door is "open" all the time. well, tonight i tore the latch and everything out to see what's up. i discovered that there are two screws that attach the latch to all the electrical components. one of the screws are fine, but where the second screw is, the little "ear" that holds it in place is broke and won't allow the little gear to move the switch to tell the truck the door is closed. i now have the switch in the "closed" position but i need the physical door latch. any help is appreciated.

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    Here are links to G.M.Parts Club and C/K Resto and G.M.Parts Direct,

    G.M.Parts Club,

    C/K Resto,

    G.M.Parts Direct,
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    those are the ones i've seen so far. i think those include ALL the electrical connections also, i'm just looking for the latch itself. i think i'm gonna check out some junk yards tomorrow and hope i get lucky lol
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    got her all fixed up today. went to the local yard today and scored the entire for $40. also went ahead and replaced the hinge pins and bushings because the door was starting to sag.

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