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    I found out that my passenger rear door wasn't locking and all the others were. I popped the door panel and the assembly was frozen so I drilled out the four rivets so I could remove the entire part. Having done that I can now lock and unlock the door manually with the door panel off...Not the solution for which I was looking.

    So is this an entire assembly that is replaced? Have I committed a grievous error by drilling out the rivets? Anyone have a part number and a good suggestion where to get this on the cheap other than a wrecking yard?

    Is there a better way to spend a Saturday night?
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    you might try an Autozone or other similar places. Maybe even the chevy parts dealer. But if you didn't need to remove the rivets, just pick up some small bolts with locking nuts and bolt it back in.
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    I did a search of the posts and found this - ACDelco Part # 22071947
    I don't know if this is for my application or not. Too late to go to a parts store, so I was hoping to hear from someone who has replaced this part. You know, hold my little hand and walk me through this.

    So far the range on-line is $35.00 to $95.00, and based on the pictures I took off more than I needed. Looks like I'll be bolting the plate back in place.
    Chevy Truck Parts
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    The suggested “Prices” set forth in this schedule reflect margins in general use in the automotive replacement
    market. They are intended solely as a guide for your convenience and are subject to change without notice.

    22071947 ACTUATOR,DR LK Consumer price $113.28 Retail price $81.56

    I still don't know if that is the correct part number.

    How bad do I want to unlock that door?
  5. X-Hibition

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    Summit Racing comes through...

    Dorman 746-014 - Dorman Power Door Lock Actuators
    Door Lock Actuator, GM, Each

    Application Specific Part: Check Application
    Estimated Ship Date: Tomorrow

    Model K2500 SUBURBAN
    Beginning Year 1992
    Ending Year 1999
    Doors 4-door
    Power Door Lock Actuator Position Passenger side rear

    Way better than the dealer.

    It's as good an excuse as any to get it from Summit and see what else I need, or want, or can't live without...
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  7. X-Hibition

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    I sold Dorman myself decades ago. I don't know how I could go wrong with this. We'll see.

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