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  1. bobartz

    bobartz New Member

    have a 97 tahoe. you have to pull really hard on the inside handle to open the door on the drivers side. opens easily,from the outside handle. tryed to get the inside door panel off but was not sure of the correct way. any help would be appreciated Thanks Bob
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Theres prying tools avaible to help remove panels or just pull slowly and they pop-off. Had same type issue with my 96 Suburban and simple spray lubed cleared up problem
  3. bobartz

    bobartz New Member

    Thanks tried good old w.d 40 several times with no luck. I think the 182k just wore it out unless the pull rod has an adjustment on it. Bob
  4. ct9a

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  5. Kady

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    They're plastic and they are known for letting go. I've had to replace all four in my Suburban. 20 bucks at the auto parts store and you're all set.
  6. bobartz

    bobartz New Member

    thanks moderator. just what i needed Bob
  7. bobartz

    bobartz New Member

    thanks. that will get the job done Bob

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