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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bassalive, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. bassalive

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    lock actuator removal

    After reading answers to a couple of questions i've had on power locks I believe it's time to take off the door skins and have a look at the actuators. From what I understand they are either shot or the rivets are loose holding them in place. Before I do anything is there anyone who has knowledge of doing this project so I avoid pitfalls?. My rig is a 1999 Tahoe.
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  2. JMoney02

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    Make sure you have necessary removal tools, plastic pry/clip bars, don't use screwdrivers, not meant for this type of work. Have extra replacement clips for the panels in case one gets damage(they will). Switches are not really that expensive to replace, can be taken apart but a pain..... Take your time and investigate slowly as you take it a part how they are be removed, carefully pop/lift/pull panels, covers ETC... You can bolt them back together without riveting but you need shallow nuts bolts so they do not interfer with the internal mechanisms, glass moving up/down. Make sure you try not to damage the sound proofing plastic covering the door, get some good tape to replace the stuff you remove, keep your hands clean cause you never know what is inside the door....

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  3. bassalive

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    thanks a million, I wasn't even thinking about the plastic barrier and using bolts to replace the rivets. Having this advice saved me alot of headaches. thanks again.
  4. JMoney02

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    Welcome, remember to use Loctite if you use the bolts, so you don't have to go back in and tighten or replace because they came off(like my son...). Also make sure to use stainless so they do not rust either, saves the time which will save you money....

  5. daddytech

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    MY input is when you are pulling the door panel off the plastic clips will break their mounts very easily so be sure to remove them easily and slowly. The ring that goes around the door handle needs to be pushed toward the front of the vehicle and then lifted out. if not you'll snap the main retaining clip for it and it may not stay on all that well after that. lastly there are two screws in the grab handles on the door that have to come out also. After that it should just pop right off.
    My passenger rear door had the same issue. Only thing wrong with mine is that the guide pin for the lock switch was out of the slide clip it is supposed to be in (what i get for putting in stereo equipment at night with no lights) this was causing my rear door to not lock with the key fob.
    problem resolved once put back in the right spot, and the door would lock with the switch while this problem was occuring also.

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