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  1. rileyjr16

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    Bought some replacement hinge pins from Jegs (actually cheaper than anywhere else even with shipping and they got here in 2 days...I nit you shot); anyway, I was thinking about replacing them tomorrow...well today actually. They shipped me 4 pins to do the top and bottom hinges so I will be doing both. May have a helper if she knows how to hold a door steady :lol:.

    Only thing is, I have no idea how to even begin doing this. If anyone can give me some weekend warrior/semi professional/professional advice on how to, and what tools I'm gonna need, any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. ChevyBoy2009

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    1.Open the door and place a small stool under the bottom of the door to support it.

    2.Remove the bottom retention spring on the door hinge with a pry bar by prying it up and away from the hinge.

    3.Insert a nail punch into the bottom of the hinge under the door pin and tap the punch with a hammer to push the door pin up and out of the hinge. Grasp the top of the pin with a pair of vice grips and work the pin out of the door frame. Have a helper hold the door during this process.

    4.Remove both bushings from the door hinge with the nail punch and hammer. Use the pry bar to pry these out if necessary.

    5.Remove the bushings, which are small round plastic washers, from the replacement kit. Place one into the top of the hinge hole and gently tap it into place with the hammer.

    6.Slip a new hinge pin into the door hinge through the bushing. Make sure the bottom hinge hole is lined up with the top hinge hole.

    7.Tap the pin through both hinges with the hammer until the pin slides through both hinge holes and into the bottom bushing.

    Hopefully this helps!...i used this when i did my brother-in-laws truck
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    There's a special tool made for the springs. Don't remember what its called but it makes removal and installation much easier. I normally use a rolling floor jack under the door to support it. The last time I did one a friend showed me how to use a ratchet strap around the door and up to the garage rafters to support it.
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    Couldn't get to it today...spent most of the day...SHOPPING :gasp:. She has work tomorrow 11-4 and I'll be working all day probably tomorrow.
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    i tried to do mine today, epic fail.... i used a saw to cut off the old crap it wasnt going anywhere, ending up cutting through a small hold dammit, anyway i got all the top all old crap and dont know how to get the new pins in looks like the bottom needs to come out but i dont want to remove them. The middle "C" bottom part i had to grind down... i dont know it this will cause issues but should i paint it or try to get a new one


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  7. rileyjr16

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    not good.... Don't know when I'll be able to work on mine again
  8. nabisco_12

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    do fear my fail is your gain.... nobody said i had to undo the door from the bottom.... the arrow shows what u need to un bolt and the door lifts up do both top and bottom!!, u just need a helper i f ed up my bracket to im hoping to do youtube them there is a video and it helped me alot... i think i need over sized bushings.... at the least get the bushings with the threads... i got my at NAPA, hit me up if u need some info!!!


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  10. nabisco_12

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    what year truck u have? I dont think u have the right pin kit!? also i didnt need a spring compressor either... come here for the tool thet will push the pins out... i bought a different punch one and it sucked and was a total waste

    worth the money... dont be me and get to buy it twice : (

    i also have to order over sized bushings didnt know that till i put the new ones in!!!!!

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