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  1. MBurke

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    Hello...I have a 2004 silverado with stock head unit and stock front door speakers. I have 6 1/2s in the door and tweeters above them. If I replace them with aftermarket coaxial speakers how do I wire them up ? What do I do with the tweeter wires ? Do I leave the tweeter wire unhooked or do I take the tweeter wires and door speaker wires and run them to the coaxial speakers ? Of course I would use the + and - of each and run them together to the coaxial speaker. I hope this makes sense...its getting late :smile:
  2. Stealth

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    Quick question, does your truck have the Bose system?
  3. MBurke

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    Im it is not a Bose
  4. ippielb

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    I bought Kicker KS series that came with the aftermarket tweeter and the mid ranged, they come with crossovers that you put the main drivers side + and - to the input, and it outputs tweeter + and -, and midrange + and -. So, it was just basically plug and play.


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