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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Georgia_Dave, Nov 24, 2012.

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    I changed braked pads on my 99 K1500 Suburban, and afterward noticed that they brakes were dragging. I did some research and decided that maybe I should have replaced the calipers too, since I have almost 200K miles on it and I'm sure they've never been replaced. So I went to the parts store and purchased new calipers, brought them home and installed them. I still have dragging. When I brake, there's a rough sound coming from the front brakes, like the pads are bad, but they're brand new. And when I drive they rub, like the calipers aren't letting go completely, which shouldn't be the case since they're brand new. Any ideas?
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    Are you sure it is the frt brakes, GM rear drum brakes are famous for dragging. I thing I even posted one times on here about mine doing that. When you first put it in gear and it starts moving you can sometimes hear a clunk of the rear shoes releasing.

    If it is the frt brakes you could have a clogged rubber line going to the caliper. When you bleed the new calipers did the fluid spray right out or just dribble? Just helped a friend replace rear piston on drums because it had seized. Plus the hose had collapsed.

    We work on a lot of older stuff up here in Maine because they are made like tanks and hold up better as winter yard plows. Everything is made of STEEL and takes the abuse we give them. All the newer stuff is lightweight aluminum.


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