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  1. 8uwav6

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    I have a 2000 Tahoe 4x4 4 door. Fuel pump is out. What is the best way to drain a half fuel tank? I know to pull the relay, and undo the fuel filter. Which prong of the relay rcptl do I jump to power the pump?
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  3. 8uwav6

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    I already read that link. I know how to change the fuel filter. I am more interested in how to drain it first. 15+ gallons is not going to make changing the pump easy.
  4. ChevyFan

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    No, fuel weights about 6 lbs/gallon so you're looking at 90 lbs plus the weight of the tank. I've drained tanks before, but I've been able to get them low enough (burned off) so they're not a burden.

    Note that you could blow yourself up or severely burn yourself if you do not treat gasoline with proper precautions.
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    Unfortunately the best, and safest way is to siphon the fuel out with an old garden hose, suck and blow never swallow. Some auto parts stores carry Gas siphons, either a small squeezable bulb to build vacuum and start a siphon or a plastic pump that can be run by a drill. I have a squeeze bulb I use, works great, had a plastic pump and it worked maybe 2 times.
  6. 8uwav6

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    OK thanks. I removed the relay and jumped across the connector pins 30-87. With the fuel filter removed and a hose in place of the filter leading into a gas can I was able to pump the fuel out of the tank. Well most of the fuel till the pump stopped working again.

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