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    So I took the truck to the dealership because I heard a squeaking noise from the engine (especially during a cold start). The truck is just over a year old and only has 12,600 miles on it. The dealership replaced the drive belt (under warranty) stating it was worn and fraying. My question is why would a drive belt with only 12,600 miles on it be worn and fraying??
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    Serpentine belt noise

    Sure, your mileage may vary. Typically you want to start checking the belts at 20k miles, but high temps, chemical exposure, and mechanical damage can cause premature belt failure. Dayco recommends replacing serpentine belts that have more than 4 cracks per inch.

    Here is a great video on serpentine belts:
    [ame=""]YouTube- DAYCO's "W" PROFILE BELT[/ame]
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    Thanks for the info!
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    they usually will get a dry rib or dry spot in a rib and start making noise

    a good quick fix. take some dialectric grease, about the side you'd put on your toothbrush, and apply to the outside and inside of the belt. as it turns it will spread itself out. If you put to much it will make more noise

    i dought it was fraying, they probably said that for warranty to cover it. but If so, you most likely have a mis-aligned pully

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    Thanks Unpluged, aftyer look at all the skit's I'm still going to do it

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