Drive doesnt work but '1', '2' and '3' do

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by kiknit, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. kiknit

    kiknit New Member

    2006 Silverado 5.3Lv8 with 55k miles on it. I pulled out of the parking lot today and came to a complete stop at the stop sign, put my foot on the gas to go and nothing happened - almost like the truck had slipped into Neutral.

    I dropped the truck into 1st gear and was able to move. At about 1500rpm I shifted up into 2nd and again into 3rd at close to 1800rpm. Reverse is still working like a champ.

    While I was checking a few other things out, I was able to shift out of park with my foot off of the brake pedal. Crawled under the truck and in Drive the drive shaft wasnt turning, but it wasin '1' and '2', but not 3. When its in Drive and a little gas, the tach jumps up but the truck doesnt move.

    I did check the speedodometer, thinking maybe it was a speed sensor keeping it from shifting into drive, but the speedomoter is working.

    Fingers crossed that its not going to be a transmission rebuild...any thoughts?

    Thanks guys!!!
  2. 2ToNe04

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    is it still under warranty?

    im just saying since it beraly has 55k.
  3. Jimmiee

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    It sounds like the input roller clutch has failed. Not good news and like 2Tone said I hope it's in warranty.
    The reason it moves in low and second is the over run clutch comes on and it's using this clutch to input the power. This clutch is very weak and only used for engine braking. So if you are going to continue driving it don't go too far from home and don't ever floor it or the over run clutch will burn up leaving you with manual low and reverse only.
  4. kiknit

    kiknit New Member

    Hi all - thanks for the info!

    Its actually not in warranty any longer. Apparently the 2006's had a 3 yr 36k warranty but the '07's came with a 6 yr 60k, but thats just my luck sometimes.

    It was more than I could take on here at the house with limited space so I dropped it off at the dealership. Front sprag wore down and broke - along with the pump seal.

    GM is picking up the tab for the parts, which includes new gaskets and seals, fluids and all those goodies, and I have to shell out for the labor. I guess something is better than nothing for a truck with 55k miles.

    Just thought Id fill y'all in - and thanks again!
  5. Jimmiee

    Jimmiee Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Good Deal! Maybe they'll get lazy and install a reman. :)

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