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    i have a 2003 chevy truck and a while back i noticed that i had a "double image" in my driver side mirror. i have the mirror with the turn signal in it and it is also the heated mirror. id see 2 or 3 sets of headligths from a vehicle in back of me. did a lil searching around online and seen people talkin about an issue with the auto dimming fluid? basically the mirror is junk and i need to replace it. (dont need to but want ot cuz its driving me crazy lol) anyways my question is can i get just a replacement mirror lens or do i have the buy the whole mirror assembly? if i can get just hte mirror lens is there one that still has the turn signal in it along with it being a heated mirror but not having the auto dimming feature? or am i stuck with getting another one with the auto dimming feature. also does anyone know what a price may be on it? i know it isnt cheap

    thanks for any help/info
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    There is a technical service bulletin (07-08-42-013) on the failure of the signal portion of the mirrors. In it, it talks about a replacement mirror glass and tool to replace the upper mirror glass. The part number is 15933017. Don't know the price but one quick call to your local dealer sould come up with that information.

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    called the dealer today and just for the replacement lens it is over 600 which is crazy. all cuz i got the turn signal, its heated, and has the auto dim feature. looks like ill be checkin a salvage yard around here before im going to spend that much on that lens. i first thought he ment that was the price of the whole mirror assembly but he checked before i could ask and the price of hte whole assembly is 760.

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    Below are 2 Mirror's (Glass) only on E-Bay.....both are Factory/OEM Mirror's with Turn Signal....Heated.....Auto Dimmer,
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    thanks ill check them out
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