Driver's seat won't move all the way forward--no visible obstructions in the track

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by jbeall, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. jbeall

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    Our 2003 Yukon XL has heated power front seats and power adjustable pedals. The front seat will only move about halfway forward (with "all the way" being the forward-most position that was possible when we purchased the vehicle--positioning the driver very close to the steering wheel).

    When you reach the point where the seat will no longer move forward, there is still track visible in front of the seat. On the passenger side, the seat moves forward until the track is hidden--and then keeps going several more inches.

    Also, when you reach the point where the seat will no longer move forward, it sounds like the motor cuts off. It doesn't sound like it's binding up and can't move forward further, it's just humming away, and then, completely silent, like it was turned off. But, I suppose it's *possible* something is binding up really quickly once a certain point is reached?

    I checked the track and can't find any obstruction.

    A few weeks ago, it was working just fine. We noticed this because one of the drivers for this vehicle is a smaller girl, and she needs the seat all the way up. She can no longer drive the vehicle because she can't reach the pedals with the seat only halfway forward.

    Also, the power adjustable pedals do not work. When you press the "forward" (i.e., away from the driver) button, you hear a click and there is no motion. When you press the "back" (i.e., towards the driver) button, there is no noise and no motion. It's not critical that we get the pedals repaired, but I mention it in case it is related to the seat. I don't know how long the power adjustable pedals have not been working, as we never used this feature.
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    Unless the pedals and the seat share a fuse, they are probably not connected (both are part of the memory system, but should be electrical separate).
    Your seat sounds like it is binding. The clue is the forward movement stopping, the motor humming and then stopping. At this point, the internal motor circuit breaker has overheated and popped (it resets when cooled down).
    You may need to remove the seat to find the bind; but, before you do, try using a good light and a mirror to inspect as much of the track as you can.

    After we fix the seat, we can look at the pedals.
  3. jbeall

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    The motor immediately stops making sound when it reaches it's forward-most position. It does not seem to be overheating because it can immediately be moved backwards. You don't have to wait for it to "cool down".

    Hopefully it is just a bind--I spent a good while looking underneath with a flashlight trying to find anything that might be binding it up. Couldn't find anything.

    Which motor is it that controls forward and backward movement? There are several underneath the seat, three if I'm counting correctly.

    I'm thinking about using a multimeter to see if there is voltage to the motor when it's reached it's forward most position. That would tell me--before I start taking the seats off--if the problem is indeed a bind (motor trying to move, but can't), or an electrical issue (current to motor is getting cut off).

  4. phoebeisis

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    It sounds like the motor is being "told" to shut down.
    What sort of sensor- is on or near the track that normally tells it to shut off when it reaches normal forward travel??
    Sure sounds like the motor is being told to shut off.
    Some gadgets have magnets as sensors-gets close to magnet-while moving-and it detects it.
    Maybe just a bump or widening in track 'tells" motor to shut down? and the track got dented somehow-and the bump is farther to rear than it should be?
    Just guessing-but get a very good look at the track-maybe do a search-google-seat forward detector or some such
    Someone here will know what triggers the seat to stop?
  5. RayVoy

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    I had an Olds with a power seat (wife's car), the power seat on that car was always geting it'self out of alignment.

    When she would complain that the seat wasn't working right, I'd play with the switches until it would "reset".

    She was short (well, she still is, haha) so she needed the seat forward and up. I would move it all the way back and down (and I had to move back and forth between the switches until I could get it into the most rear and down position (I remember, I also had to play with the button the raised/lowered the front of the seat cushion).

    Usually, when I got it all the way down and all the way back it would work fine for her, for awhile.

    Maybe something like this will work.
  6. Pikey

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  7. phoebeisis

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    Great suggestion from Pikey
    Fairly complicated-remind me to NEVER get heated seats.
    The pedals and seat controls are related-according to write up which seems pretty knowledgeable
    Read write up-then tinker
    Great find by Pikey-hope my 98 suburban LS seats-power and comfortable-never croak!

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