driver's side rear power window motor out

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    I have a 1997 GMC Suburban K1500. It's been a great vehicle. Recently the power window motor went our on the driver's side rear door. I found a replacement motor at Auto zone and took apart the door and verified it is indeed the motor.

    My problem now is that I don't know how to install the new motor. It seems the regulator and everything associated with it is riveted to the door. I'm not sure whether or not I have to drill out all the rivets and replace the regulator/motor together, or if the motor is bolted to the regulator or what.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Once I get this figured out I'll post pictures and a DIY howto since I have searched for hours and have not found one on the internet.
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  3. jmb275

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    Yeah, I saw that video. The problem is that mine is on the rear door and the rear door is SIGNIFICANTLY different in that the regulator cannot be easily removed without drilling out several rivets and trying to squeeze the entire thing through a fairly small hole. However, it might very well be that I cannot replace the motor without taking out the regulator. I'm not sure at this point but it's definitely proving to be difficult.
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    I seem to remember those rivets too. I had taken my door panel off to investigate the passenger rear window not working, but discovered it had come unplugged. The regulators seem to be sold with the motors on, maybe they do need to go in as a unit.
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    You will have to DRILL out the rivets & either replace them with bolts & nuts or if you wish, GM has the replacement rivets. The only problem with using the GM rivets is it requires a huge rivet gun to pull them. I have 2 riv guns & neither one was big enough lol.
    I would suggest using bolts with the nylon lock nuts & you'll be fine.

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