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    I ran off the road a few weeks ago, and after they pulled me out I have had a loud clunking noise from under the truck. I had someone look at it and they said the U-Joints are shot, also had my dad check it and he agreed. When I went to Auto Zone to get parts they asked me If I have a 2 or 3 joint shaft, I didn't know so I had him come outside and look at it for himself. He didn't know for sure, and he said something about my truck not having a factory drive shaft. I have owned it since it was brand from day 1, and I can assure you this is the stock drive shaft that was in it when I bought it. Here are some pictures to check out, how many joint shaft would you guys think it is?

    My dad had me buy 5 universal joints since the one's they have listed are all the same number, and we're hoping the other two mystery joints that we have are the same kind. I also bought a new carrier bearing assembly from timken, I got all heavy duty stuff since I drive the truck hard. Here's a link to the U-Joints I bought, they are the Duralast Gold one's. joints
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    The guy at Advanced Auto said something about some of the S-10's that first came out in my body style were changed over at the dealership, I guess they swapped these shafts like mine into the 2 piece shafts. After thinking about it I remember mine had just come off the delivery truck when I bought it, It never sat on the lot even one day so maybe they didn't do the change to my truck and I got stuck with the defective one LOL!

    The first U-Joint behind the transmission


    Carrier Bearing assembly


    Set of U-Joints in the middle of the truck, right next to the gas tank.


    Last set of U-Joints back by the rear end.

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    I see 5 u-joints. So, I assume you have the 5-piece set up.

    BTW, I'm extremely glad I live up north where there is snow.

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