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    Hi everyone:

    I am driving a 1992 Silverado. Every time I start from a dead stop my truck "grabs" as I press down on the accelerator pedal. It is like the driveshaft has a little too much play and "grabs" the rear end gears. I hope you all can understand what I am trying to write here. In the 80s I used to drive an older Scottsdale and I seem to remember the same thing happening: Cant remember if dad ever did anything to fix it, so I cannot comment furhter there.

    Also, after I drive for a few miles and the truck is up to normal operating temp it idles low - right at 400 RPMs. That seems a little low to me. Is there an easy way to adjust the idle? Today, I am runnig over and getting a Hayne's manual - I like it for the troubleshooting section. And, it has a little miss as it sits idling (possibly new plugs and wires). I am thinking of taking it to Sears for a fuel system clean: I used to work at a Sears, and I have seen cars respond and run much better after this procedure.

    The temp gauge does not work. Everything - and I mean everything - has been checked except for the actual gauge itself. New sensor, wires checked and OK'd, etc. I think the dash is one of those you just 'unplug': Should I look there (dash panel) and, if so, what am I looking for? Has anyone else here had this problem?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any suggestions would be and are highly appreciated.
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    As far as the temp gauge there are two "senders." One is the coolant temperature sender (for the gauge) near the t-stat housing. The other is the temperature switch that is mounted in the engine block driver side below the exhaust manifold.

    Test the gauge by grounding the coolant temperature leads. Does the gauge respond?

    Dash cluster is easy enough to pull apart, but I doubt that you will be able to repair it. More likely you should consider a used cluster or have yours repaired by someone like:

    Keep us posted on your progress.

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