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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by JMoney02, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. JMoney02

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    To all who have experienced the dreaded one bulb out on your DRL'S, or have seen them on other vehicle's, or have not had the issue yet, but will here I hope will help you out.

    1) Owner's manual calls for 4157LL bulb replacement(LL=Long Life)
    2) If you have/use the Auto On feature for your headlights and when switch from DRL to Headlights and back, these bulbs will NOT handle the load.
    3) This causes failure when you change even from a dark area(tunnel) back to daylight, the load is to much, which causes the bulb to pop...
    4) You can changed from the 4157LL to the 3157LL, because these are higher intense bulbs used for your turns/stop lights.
    5) You can also use the 3157NA(Amber bulbs), to which I have them in my truck(look at my Burban Album) as I will post a picture of it there.
    6) Use a healthy amount of electrical contact grease before installing(any of the bulbs) that use this type of connector(4 strip silver wires). This will ease the heat from them being on/off.Hope this simple change will help make your DRL bulbs last a whole lot longer....Jeff
  2. Springthing

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    I wondered what all the gummy, nasty, sticky, greasy stuff was when changing out the turn signal bulbs. I figured it was a way to keep the contacts from rusting/sticking!

    Thanks for the heads up - I know that about 1 out of 4 trucks I pass have a DRL out! I got lucky enough... neither of them work! :)
  3. identityPRS

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    ya, this sucks for sure!! i was one of the unlucky ones. mine blew out. shortly after, i decided to spend a CRAP LOAD of money and do an LED conversion all the way around. once i was done and all was good, the same light went out! and it was an LED!! those things shouldn't blow! so i just switched them and waited for the other one to blow, sure enough, it did. so now i just have LED's in there that don't work! oh well, at least it looks uniform and not just one of them is on!!
  4. dwill3015

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    Nice write-up Jeff!
  5. JMoney02

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    Thank You and I am reporting that the light burns on.....I see more and more of these all the time...
    I do not know why the spacing didn't come out the way I wanted? :neutral:Wan, wan wan, Right....

  6. TahoeFever

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    i guess i was lucky with this issue ...knowing my luck as i'm writing this mine burns out lol

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