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  1. i have a 1999 chevy 1500 with a 5.7 vortec that i would like to eventually put dual exhaust on. what would i be looking to spend and what would be good brand for something that sounds good but i would still be able to hear the radio. do i go with mufflers or do i straight pipe it. any advice would be appreciated
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    Go with mufflers, you'll get tired of straight pipes and there are disadvantages to them unless you run WOT a lot.
    I'd take it to a local muffler shop and have them build a system vice paying out for a pre made system, it'll cost less and you have more choices on tips and where you want it to exit.
    Magnaflow or Flowmaster, which are two I always use are good brands, but their are other choices.
    I'm sure theres a lot of trucks around your area that have custom exhaust's, when you hear one you like the sound of ask the owner what their running.
  3. I have had flowmasters mufflers on previous vehicles and they sounded pretty good and i was kinda leaning toward them but i am not for sure. what are the disadvantages to running straight pipes
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    The truck will be real loud with straight pipes and attract the wrong kind of attention.
    Without mufflers you get reduced backpressure which while not totally a bad thing does reduce low end performance and will affect MPG.
    If you delete the cat convertors you may have inspection issues.
  5. I planned on keeping the cats on to keep it street legal and and i wanted to keep it stock for manifolds to cats. i just want a good deep sound with no crackling and popping.
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    Well, my two cents goes like this... I have straight pipes (manifolds, two cats, true dual, no mufflers) and my buddy has the same set up, both on the same model truck as yours. Mine to me is too quiet. Driving inside, it is pretty faint compared to a few others. If you stand behind it or are driving behind it, i am told its f#*$ing loud, but its hard for me to tell. Reason being, my pipes and large magnaflow tips are pointed straight out the back. If I was you and I was redoing my exhaust and wanted to hear it, yet keep backpressure and mpg, I would get either a single or dual smaller mufflers (i like flowmaster and magnaflow as well), and just either 45 your tips or something along those lines, riding in my buddies truck with the same set up as me except his are 45's, it is extremely loud, so if you could scale the sheer loudness back and hear the nice throaty 350 rumble and crackle, I think you would be about set. Either way, Good luck!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW9NiZheUm8 That is my exhaust from the back

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNOdUFTXUKw In the truck excellerating sound level

    Hope it helps!
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    I agree, I have glass packs on mine (on at purchase), love them at low speeds, but on the interstate its annoying. Also hate going through drive thru's with them. Cant imagine straight pipes. I am going to redo my entire system with either flowmaster of magnaflow for that low rumble and to hear them when I step on it. Also they are at 45 which makes them louder. Going out the back with the new system.
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    I used heartthrob exhaust on my 2005 and was very pleased with it. Price, sound, and ease of installation. I did a complete cat back kit for around $350. I'll probably go that direction with my 08 when I get a chance to.
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    another option

    howdy, on mine i decided to get rid of the y pipe, and put some hedman headers on it. buit a h pipe and welded a o2 sensor bung in the center of the crossover. then brought it back to the end of the extended cab and put some off brand 40 series mufflers with an exhaust tip pointing out the side (you can't see the tips) its mellow at low rpms but sounds like nascar when i get on it.
  10. Thanks for all the posts everyone i have been doing some research and i think i am leaning towards 45s one because i like the look better and 2 because you can hear it in the cab better. I dont want it to completely overpower the radio but i do want it to sound god and i want to be able to hear it. I have not decided though if i want to do straight pipes or put mufflers on it yet.

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