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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by johnvosh, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. johnvosh

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    Like the title says. Let's see some of those vehicle ad's that should have never of been posted or maybe should have had a spelling/grammar check. I'll start us off....

    Here's an ad I just found on my local Kijiji site. No where on the listing page does it tell you what make of car it is other than it's a Dodge.

    "it a good car was diveing it 2y ago did the pain on it runs good.... dont need it so has to go...come with c.d but have not put it in.... the driver door dose not open from out side,and back widow fell of the track can halp fix or show how!its a 3.0..v6......good on gas....AS IS!! $675"
  2. johnvosh

    johnvosh Member

    What, no one has found any dumb car ad's while they've been searching Kijiji or eBay that they think shouldn't have been posted???
  3. stephan

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    I haven't been shopping cars or trucks online John, but I'd like to bitch about the ones that the area dealerships in south western OR put on tv. Those stupid morons talk/YELL so damn fast, that you can't understand a freakin work they say. They try & squeeze a one minute commercial into a 30 second spot & it's pointless. They're not known as the guys with the good quality cars, they're known as the morons with the crappy TV commercials. :)

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