Dumb Ground Hog

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    I am sitting in my kitchen and hear a squeal. So, I look out the back window and see that a dumb A$$ ground hog had jumped the fence and ran into the middle of the back yard. Well, my two pitbulls were laying about 15 feet from where it entered the yard and it started chasing my 60lb pit around the yard. The 80lb put jumped on it and tossed it. I ran out, grabbed a shovel and called the dogs off. That damn thing continued to try to chase the smaller dog around the yard. I opened the gate and it ran back to it's hole near the woods. I could see the slober marks from where my dog grabbed it. The larger dog has a small scrape on his lip. (no big deal, he is up to date on his shots) This was my first experience with a ground hog. I was surprised how aggressive the thing was. I figured that it was heading to our garden on the otherside of the yard for a mid morning snack. It almost became the snack.
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    MMMMMM Ground hog stew

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