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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by djack, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. truc.karl

    truc.karl Rockstar

    How about the 3M paint defender? Does anyone have it? I'm really curious about this stuff.
  2. steved

    steved Former Member

    This really means nothing...I never waxed my 2004 Dodge truck, and the paint "looked new" when I traded it last spring with 275k miles. The quality of paints (or should I say "coatings") produced and used today really don't even need waxing. Most cars look new when traded in any more...its because of the the quality of the paint, not the aftermarket protectant.

    These things are more gimicks than anything, to make you feel like you have done something good for your new purchase. They have been sold for years and really offer nothing more than to lighten your wallet. They are meant to be an impulse buy at the time of purchase, so the dealer makes that extra bit of $$ on an uninformed consumer (like was discussed prior, if you really got to have it, buy it for $25 and apply it yourself). Further, prove (within the warranty period) that the paint protector failed...and get reimbursed (I'll bet if you read the small print, it states it needs reapplied every so often to maintain the warranty).

    When I worked for a (now defunct) Buick/Pontiac/GMC/Jeep/Eagle/Subaru dealer; they (the dealer, not endorsed by the manufacturers...I should clarify that) applied a similar "protectant" as a was a money maker back when "acid rain" was a popular term. This was back in the late 80s when the Buicks and Pontiacs were shipped with the protective chemical coating that needed to be chemically stripped on delivery to the dealer (for those that remember those days). What I find odd was that the guys in the body shop who applied this protectant to customer cars used regular old Meguires on their own cars. They could have used the protectant as there was extra bottles of the stuff laying around.

    $1k would buy a lot of wax, among other can save your money.

    Just my opinion on the subject.
  3. djack

    djack New Member

    interesting steved,I paid $139 for it, so i thought it was worth a try, my trucks sit outside an my 01 still shined an I waxed it twice a year. I just thought it would be worth it not to wax it. Inhave a full time job keeping two motorbikes and two vehicles clean an shiney. lol
  4. steved

    steved Former Member

    Why do you think my junk never saw wax?
  5. TimTom64b

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    The sealents are really just a very hard forming wax... they actually take a couple days to fully cure and bond to the paint. You actually have to keep wiping them down as the haze continues to reappear. This stuff is a bear to buff after it is applied and comes to a full haze.

    People are really paying $1k thru a dealer to have it applied? The sealents I buy are $30 a bottle... and are applied with a mechanical buffer allowing you to work it well into the paint surface. A quality wax costs more than this.
  6. steved

    steved Former Member

    Sounds like Kool-aid to me...

    I guess because I was a car detailer for part of my life is the reason I really don't buy into these "once a year" or "lifetime" products. I had people bring in their super wax products thinking they were providing something better than we had on hand, and the one's that had their cars routinely detailed (with the super wax) didn't look any better than any other car when they came in for a cleaning. Again, after working at a dealer for several years that applied them, and working as a car detailer for four years; I'm just not seeing it.

    Point is: Does it do something? Maybe. Do you need it? Probably not. Only you as the buyer can see if the value is there...
  7. TimTom64b

    TimTom64b Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

  8. djack

    djack New Member

    Ireally seem to have got something started,TimTom64b I bet your truck does look good, sounds like alot of work though which is what i was hoping the dupont treatment would alleviate the waxing, I dont mind washing it every week or two but that waxing business gets old:) what did you mean by wiping it down? I wipe em down with a microfiber towell or chamois after washing.
  9. steved

    steved Former Member

    I'd rather drive my truck...:rofl:

    I got all into the detailing thing...after you do it for a profession, and detail tens of cars daily; the last thing you want to do is detail your own car. I got more important things to mow the yard.
  10. TimTom64b

    TimTom64b Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    The sealent is more durable than wax... which means you could probably get by with waxing less often... but it is not a one time application.

    When I say wipe it down... it is with a terry cloth. Usually what I have noticed with the sealents is that it will haze back up again here and there until it full cures... requiring you to wife it down again.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I get what your saying... it is a pain... but less painful and cheaper than a repaint. I also tend to keep my vehicles 12 - 15 years... I try to make them last as long as possible.

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