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  1. Does anyone have more info on this guy other than the YouTube ? I like what I see but there doesn't seem to be a website.
  2. Kraziken

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    They don't have a website. Not sure why. They have phone contact information on those video links. Give them a phone call.
  3. Pikey

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    I contacted him a few months back concerning the price for his conversions. I posted on youtube and he emailed then called me. If I had 17000-24000 to do the conversion I would consider going to them as it looks like they do really nice work
  4. DuraBurb

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    Yea we just use YouTube but are working on a web site, we've been around going on 5 years now and build approximately 50 SUV's a year. (1 per week)

    Build cost can range widely based on if its a LBZ/6SPD 03 SUV to a LML/6SPD 13 SUV. It's simply up to the client and what they want. You can follow some of our builds at dieselplace.com in the Frankenstein forum

    Eric Swanson
    DuraBurb Service Dept
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  6. DuraBurb

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    WOW Thats SWEEET!!

    Too bad its a GENI GMT800 (2000-2002), I think If I were going to build something that wild I'd do a 2007 or newer. Very cool though, wonder who did the Dmax build, possibly Preditor in Ca, they and DuraBurb are the only ones that build these 100% OEM GM. Though many have built nice rides in their back yards. Hard to say.
  7. Enkeiavalanche

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    they did all the work AI Design is one of the Finest shops on the East coast. Nothing but High end.. Take a look at there other work too
  8. PantheraUncia

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    I wish I could convert my 1/2 ton 1500 to a diesel.... apparently the frame cannot structurally handle the torque.
  9. DuraBurb

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    Wow their work is sick!!
    We should get with them to build some brand new 2013 Duramax Suburbans.
    Looks like everything they are building is triple digit, the perfect market for a 2013 2500HD Duramax Escalade ESV

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sure you can go 1/2 ton, they are a blast on a 450HP tune, we are building a 2004 Yukon Denali right now that is gettin a LBZ/6SPD, 450HP tune, Dana60 Qudrasteer rear diff and AutoTrack 4X4.

    Here is a simpler version

    or luxury version (we no longer use LB7's or LLY's in 03-06 though only LBZ's)

    or you can take a 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton like this

    But this is my favorite so far and can be seen in Diesel Power Magazine this month
  10. DuraBurb

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