Duramax Driveshaft, 2500HD 2003

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by thpnalb, Mar 3, 2009.

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    The first driver of this truck bottomed her hard, and bent the cross-member at the T-case mount. The dealer wanted lots of money to repair, he left the company, I looked at the issue and decided not to repair, as all clearances looked ok. I drove her just over 4 years climbing mountains, then left the company. The new driver again bottomed out hard, and by the time he drove 200 miles back to town, discovered that the scraping noise was the driveshaft sawing itself through...it fell out 10 miles from the office. I now own the truck...:happy:

    This is the 75" long very-fat aluminum driveshaft. My initial thought was to have a smaller diameter steel shaft made, which would give me enough clearance under the rubbing cross-member under the cargo bed. However, I compared measurements with those I made 5 years ago, and the tranny is now 2" higher than the initial bang. Plus, according to my calculations, the l-o-n-g shaft really needs to be the original diameter to remain stiff and free of self-destruction...

    So I think I will cruise the parts yards for a good tranny mount/member and a new driveshaft.

    But on the chance my calculations are wrong or overly conservative...has anyone made and had sucess with a smaller diameter steel driveshaft??????

    Tom in New Mexico
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    I have seen the aluminum shafts replaced with steel shafts as steel is stronger for off road use but there is a trade off. Call and talk to Tom Woods as he is the expert and can give you the pros and cons. GM uses aluminum for a good reason as it's much more expensive than steel.

  4. thpnalb

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    Thanks, Jim, I'll call him tomorrow...

    But after sleeping on it, I think it is best to return it to stock conditions. She carried me quite well for those four years of rough rocky mountain trails!

    Why some people abuse their ride is beyond my comprehension. It's a long walk home!!!

    Tom in NM
    ( A Tower Guy)
  5. thpnalb

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    Thanks, Jim, I spoke with them a couple of times, their "woodie" arrived last Wed, and I cannot say enough about the experience dealing with the company. The workmanship is excellent, the fit is perfect, and the added clearance allowed me to temporarily re-install the original cross-member. (I'm still making my own cross-beam, as I think it will be stronger...)
    I have driven it for the past couple of days, and so far have found NO "downsides" to their 4" steel tube as a replacement of the 6" aluminum factory shaft. The Wood shaft is vibration free, and after a couple trips through the local gravel pit...very strong indeed.
    So Thanks for suggesting them, and a HUGE thank you to Tom Wood and the crew at Custom Drive Shafts!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, I would say it truly is "the Best Drive Shaft in the World".

    Tom Patton
    Moriarty, NM
    '03 Silverado 2500HD LS Duramax horse!
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    Glad to be of help Tom!


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