Duratracs or All terrain

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  1. 89steveo50

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    the tire size I currently have right now is 265/75 16 (standard). Im looking at getting some new tires for this winter (minnesota winter) and I want some amazing tires that will help my truck plow through the snow no matter how thin or deep it is. I have been looking at the duratracs and all terrains. And i can not make my mind up. If anybody has experience with these tires or has another type of tire that will be even better then these, that would be awsome.

    Price range is 200-300 ea

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  2. Burden33

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    I just put duratracs on my nnbs about aomth ago and i just loves them. On my 2001 hd whichi use for plowing and work i am running the michelin ltx 285/75/r16 and just love them for plowinf ghats all my dad ever use and thats all i ever use

    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    I run the BFG All Terrain T/A KO's on my truck (in 265/75/r16, going to a bigger size when these wear down) and, like I've said many times on this site, they're really great tires. Great traction on and off road, I use them in all types of conditions, pavement, mud, snow, rain, rivers, gravel, sand, they haven't let me done yet. The tread life is excellent, and they look good too, which is always a plus. As for price, they were about $225 each at my local tire shop.
  4. KyleZ71

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    Im running Hankook Dynapro ATM's (all terrains) and really like them. Good traction in all weather and only cost me 135 a piece. Good looking tire with the white letters out
  5. marko54

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    Here's my 2cents worth. everyone that answered you gets a decent amount of snow fall. The Duratracs are meant for the DEEP nasty snow falls, not 4" of snow I'm talking blizzard conditions with 20+ inches. I have had 2 sets of Duratracs. The first set was the 315's with the C rating. They rode super smooth and were incredible in Deep snow .they were mounted on my 09 H3.

    I put a set of 265's on my 07 Suburban. The goodyear dealer would only sell me the 10 ply E rated duratracs cause 2500 suburbans call for a E rated tire. They are also terrific in deep stuff. we had record snowfalls in wisconsin last year and they did great however i will never buy a 10 ply tire again. They feel like your riding on solid fork lift tires. BF goodrich might make decent all-terrains but i would not rely on them in foot deep snow while Plowing.
  6. SurrealOne

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    While I currently live in central NC I'm no stranger to ugly winters, as I spent the last 6 of them in the Kansas City area. If I still lived there I'd have Duratracs on my truck. Friends who had them swore by them and I'm told they are far better than M/T's in snow ... and do every bit as well as M/T's in mud. It also doesn't hurt that it's a tough, aggressive looking tire.

  7. Burden33

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    like i said go with the dura tracs i just had my truck down to the cabin with about a footto two foot of snow and the truck just plowed on throught it
  8. reggiecab2000

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    seems pretty unanimous to me lol my brother has the duratracs, you cant go wrong with them!
    i work at discount tire, so just keep rotating them every 6,000 miles, if you dont you will pay.... but if you do and along with proper air pressure, you can get 50,000 miles minimum out of these.... ENJOY! :)
  9. 89steveo50

    89steveo50 Rockstar

    Alright sweet, thanks for the inputs! I appreciate them!
  10. vncj96

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    here is my 2 cents, as a fellow Minnesotan I have had my fair share of AT tires, first off I HATED BFG ATs, absolutly no traction in the winter for my suburban, so i bought a set of Dunlop Maxx Traction Mud Rovers!! Yes, mud tires, by far the best truck tire I have EVER owned, cheaper then everything I looked at as well. Now being a mudd tire they are alittle loud on the hwy and are very good in the winter too. this will be my third winter with these tires on and they still have great tread depth. i switched them over to my pickup as they where a little to harsh a ride for my little ones (2,1 and another on the way). But even on a my pickup and NO extra weight in the bed the still perform flawlessly!! I paid 165 a tire (285/75/16 E load 10 ply)
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