dust in cluster??

Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by nabisco_12, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. nabisco_12

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    I was looking at my gauges and noticed it needs to be cleaned lol, i didnt think it could get dirty in there! how would one get in there to clean it? If i do go to do it can i change out the cluster for a different one, like a different design or something shiny lol
  2. rileyjr16

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    You can pop the instrument bezel off and you unscrew the cluster and take it out. Takes a 7mm socket. When you get it out will see a way to pop the top plastic off and clean it. I haven't done mine in a while so some details might be missing from memory. Hopefully someone will fill in the gaps
  3. post3ll

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    when i detail for the lot i usually just use water from a spray bottle (dont drown it) and use your air compressor to blow it out. any excess i use a regular old degreaser and a dirty shammy to wipe down and a tiny screw driver to get the stuff out of the cracks.
  4. K15 Blazer Guy

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    only way is to take the dash cover off, then the clear plastic.
    a good time to polish the clear lense part with something mild, like toothpaste and a lot of water.
    use a soft paint brush to clean guages and around the needles
  5. marksoldtowne

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    The best method for removing dust from the plastic without scratching it is to use a Swiffer Duster. it differs in that it attracts and holds the dust, while putting almost no pressure on the plastic. After removing the slightly abrasive dust, then you can use liquid or aerosol products to complete the clean-up process

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