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  1. MFR

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    I have a 2007.5 Silverado 2500 LTZ. I want to allow passengers to be able to watch DVD while I drive and or be able to enter destination info for me without having to stop. I found information on another site for older stereos and tried it. It didn’t work and now I can’t get the code screen to come back up. To get the screen I put a DVD in, pressed play, then menu, then display tab, then held finger on invisible button in the bottom left corner of screen. I tried the 1791 code and I don’t know what it did but I can longer find the button to pull the code keypad back up. Anyone know how to bypass the blocks so all features will be usable while driving? Do I need to reset the radio and how do I reset it?:neutral:
  2. drumrob

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    I have been searching everywhere also, I was actually going to go to a stereo place to see if they can do it for me. Ill keep you posted
  3. MFR

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    drumrob I would appreciate that. I wasn't sure if I messed anything up by trying that code. I still cant get the code screen back.
  4. sam5828

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    If you want to do that ya need to buy the GM Lockpick it is $250 maybe we can get a group buy and make them cheaper
  5. sam5828

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    if we can get 20 of them they will be $175 a piece

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