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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by GrizzlyTN, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Here you go [MENTION=51599]The Heater[/MENTION]: http://www.dynamat.com/technical_installation_door_kit_install.html

    Official dynamat instructions. Look at optional step 4a and notice they work through a hole in the door just as I did. Also notice they call the surface to which the material is being applied the 'outer door skin'. I'm using the same terminology as the manufacturer for the very same step and method the manufacturer uses. To use your own inflamatory words, "you would truly be a moron if you thought" I was using the term 'outer skin' to refer to something other than the very door surface to which the manufacturer refers when using the term 'outer door skin'.


    P.S. I'm pretty easy-going, usually. However, you've made several inflammatory posts (it's word choice, mostly) and since you like using those sorts of words with others you clearly also don't mind having them used with you, as the golden rule is to do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. Have a nice day, I'm done here.
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    It can't be done on my truck.
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    That's likely why it's an 'optional' step. I highly recommend it for trucks where it can be done. Recall we were talking about recommendations for [MENTION=36920]GrizzlyTN[/MENTION] and his truck. If memory serves he has a 2008 Sierra and I believe it can be done on his truck.
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    I'm sorry if I offended you. It was a poor choice of words.

    We did the inside of the door skins on my truck (inside of the outer sheet metal) when the customs shop dismantled the truck to paint everything. Upon getting it back and taking it on my first trip, I backed along a picnic table, making a small crease in the lower part of the door. Called Jon at the customs shop, found out it is a huge project to remove the sub panel. So to get the paintless dent repair guy access to the inside of that panel, I had to drill out all the rivets in the door vent assembly (bottom of the sub panel) and remove it. Like Jon said, the people that design these things should have to take them apart.

    On the down side, I had to remove an area of Dynamat to get the dent removed. Not easy to remove that material.
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