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  1. So many manufacturers of automobile audio. Who to choose? I was looking around online and found a silverado that a company had done(for the life of me I can't remember them) that had used Dynaudio's speakers and woofers and tweeters, etc., and Tru Technology's amplifiers. I don't know much about actual audio(Ohms, Watts, Amps, etc.) but I was wondering who would be the top five speaker(tweeters, mids, lows) makers? Subwoofers? Amplifiers? And price ranges for them, if you feel like typing them.
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    You just opened a BIG can of warms... There is so much out there.. For great sound you can look at JL Audio,Bosten,High end Polk Audio, Morel,Focal,Rainbow. Some of these are very hard to find....

    For price's you can get a good Comp set for about $349.99 or go up to $5600.00 for the Focal UB's No7.. I have installed just 2 pairs of these and they sound amazing......6.5″ woofer, 3″ midrange 3-way kit with Crossblock separate crossover (passive version).
    Also available in “Active” configuration (without Crossblock).
    [h=3]specifications[/h]wooferComposite sandwich "W" conetweeterTBe, Beryllium inverted domechassisCoated ZAMACcrossoverCrossblock (4,480 settings)max power200Wnominal power100Wsensitivity89 dBfrequency response55Hz - 40kHzPRICE$5,500.00

    Amps I love JL Audio but there are Co's like Audison They make amps costing up to $8000.00 Audison - Music Expression

    There is so much out there, I have built many high end systems and great sounding award winning systems From $1200-over $50G's spent on a H2 Hummer.. It's all up to you.. I just wish it was as popular as it was 12 years ago...
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    x2 on opening a can of worms... the answer to this question will vary depending on who answers this post... after everyone puts their 2 cents in on whats better, your still left with figuring out what company to go with. personally im a fan of rockford and alpine... but JL audio makes some bad ass stuff as well... my only thing is dont mix and match if you can help it, buy the brand of subs as you have for door speakers and if possible even head unit..
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    The easier question might be what's your budget and what are you looking to achieve out of the system...what's your listening choice of music.
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    I'm gonna have to throw my .02 for JL Audio. I have a Kenwood HU, JL's in the doors, a JL 13TW5 (shallow mount sub), and alpine 4 1/2's behind the seats (to be changed out for JL's in the near future). I'm running two JL amps and have absolutely loved the sound quality i get. But like stoner said, speakers depend on how much money you have to spend.
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    x2 on JL audio. As a rule their amps have excellent signal-to-noise ratios at highly competitive price points. JL audio also makes a stealth subwoofer for Sierra/Silverado trucks with a full center console, which allows you to squeeze a 10" sub into a truck with the Bose system if you ditch the Bose system -- WITHOUT giving up space elsewhere in the truck. (Installation of this is non-trivial, by the way...)
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  7. I really just wanna out do my friends system, I know it won't take much though, but I also want something that'll last a lifetime and sound better than anything, besides competition participants, it comes up against. I like to drive around town, down the backroads, highways, anywhere I can, with the windows down and the music loud. I want people to be able to hear me at least 250 yards away but it still be as crisp and clear sounding as possible. I'm gonna save up for whatever I can/want. I have an '09 crew cab silverado 1500, and was actually wondering if I could fit 2 12's and an 8/10 under the back seat(subwoofer). But I'd also like to replace all the speakers and add more speakers.
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    I'm not a professional, just a hobbyist, but I'll give you my take:

    You could do a pair of shallow 12's under the rear seat. I'd advise you to skip the 8/10 and take the money you save and sink it into higher quality speakers and amps. You'll need more than subs, though. Going the easy route would be a good set of 6.5" component speakers for the front doors and a set of 4x6 component plate speakers for the rear doors. If you want a little more mid-range you could go the harder route and put 5.25" component speakers in the rear doors, but you'll have to pull out the tin snips and do some door cutting for that. How many watts and how many amps is really a matter of taste and budget.

    You need to choose your head unit, speakers, subs, and amplifiers. Once done compute how many amps you'll draw with the system maxxed out. Use that figure to size your electrical upgrade for the increased draw. You're wanting to be heard 250 yards away with the windows down ... which means you had best have plenty of money to burn, as you are going to be packing some serious speakers and amplifiers ... and that means you will also need to be packing some serious electrical power to drive those amplifiers. (Skimping on electrical upgrades is a bad idea, by the way.)

    Don't forget to budget for sound deadening, else all that vibration will make your un-deadened tin can rattle like crazy -- and sound like crap. Also don't forget to budget for a security system to protect your gear. Ignore the need for security and after people hear you 250 yards away -- your gear most likely will go away if unprotected.

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    I would not say you have to spend so much..Take a listen to JL Audio C5's with the 300/4v2.. Having the old Xr's in my past Avalanche for over 6 years and doing shows all over the east coast (Canada-Fla) Having the Volume up for 8 hr's at a time being able to hear the system with doors open over 50 feet away CLEAR....Never blowing a speaker or tweeter..You can't go wrong....For subs I had the JL Stealth box in the Mid gate.. The guy who bought my old truck says he still entertains people on the beach in Va...
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    There's a big difference between 50 feet and the 250 YARDS (750 feet) that the OP wants ... exactly 15 times the distance worth of difference. Personally I consider loud, clean audio at 250 yards to be a ridiculous target unless you're building something like a football stadium, but hey, it's his money and truck ... and it's doable with enough time and cash.

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