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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Cody Glenn Cornell, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Are you competing in SPL events? If you want to be heard 250 yards away (maybe you meant feet?) you need a sub enclosure that is not your standard sub box under a back seat. You looking for a blow through or a wall set up maybe.

    I have used Kicker and they are fantastic subs....they are loud (the squared subs) and can hit good SPL numbers. What Kicker is not is clean. I switched to JL Audio subs and the are also loud but also clean.

    I do know guys who have 2 12 subs setups in extended and crew cabs that sound amazing but in every setup they have had to make sacrifices in the "space" deaprtment. Which means the back seats are not always comfortable for passengers anymore :)
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    The right Amp and speakers will do the trick.. BUT adding too many speaker will be loud BUT Not clean....
  3. SurrealOne

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    Oh I agree (as previously stated), it's doable. To do it right, though, where you hear not only bass but also mids and highs at 750 feet ... loudly and cleanly. That's not going to be cheap...
  4. So what do y'all think I'm looking at price wise? I've been looking at Focal and I like all their stuff, but I haven't liked(just aesthetics) anyone who had a headunit. I'm not to worried about aesthetics.
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    've got a nice head unit for sale. A great sounding and looking unit with Sirius Sat radio. And High 5 Volt output Fr/Rr/and Sub.

    But back to the other stuff... Focal's higher end is some great speakers. Just power them the right way and install them in the right local.

    You said you have a 09 Crew cab right? A good 6 1/2 comp set for the front doors,A 5 1/4 comp set for the rear door (Same Company) A good 4 Ch amp Min power 75 watts x 4 RMS and for subs to even out the sound I would go for this..Chevrolet Silverado Stealthbox by JL Audio
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    They are all good, just depends on how much you want to spend.
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    if your still looking, try Sundown, SSA , Digital Design or FI. All three are great subs and sundown has some of the most respected 8" subs on the market. Look into other brands and not just the JL band wagon that seems to going on, not knocking the brand but everybody has it. Just because it cost and arm and a leg doesnt mean it the best. Here is a link to a website, check the forum it may help,

    If money wasnt an object then get hooked on a set FI BTL's and try not to swallow when our putting the power to them.
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    Hey just a little tip. When you get around to getting your mid range speakers, skip the 4x6 size and anything smaller really. You will much more satisfied with 6 inch mid bass cones and up, the smaller one that ive used(JL and rainbow) tend to not be able to stand up to the constant abuse of a very loud system even with a crossover. So just letting you know that you may not be satisfied with the smaller cones.
  9. When you say cones, are you talking about the whole speaker? I was looking at either Focals for now(a while) and then upgrading, if it really is, to dynaudio components.

    [MENTION=25995]tigersdl65[/MENTION]- I checked out those speakers, from what I'm reading, about FI and Digital Design, I like em and what they've done. I also like that I can choose different colors, that helps make it more unique to me as well. And I'm really liking those BTL's, if I do decide to get em I'll be sure and find a way to post a YouTube video of em bangin? Or bumpin? Kickin? Knocking? Running. Thanks for that heads up also.
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  10. tigersdl65

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    Yes I am refering to the whole speaker, I've had problems with them maxing out their cone excursion and it makes a very annoying whapping sound against the speaker frame, and can destroy your speaker in the long run.

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