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    i came close to getting a BTL myself but at the time i was looking Sundown had a killer sale and i was able to 2 12's for the price of a single FI, and i am very happy with what i bought. Built a ported box tuned to 30hz and powered off a Kicker zx1000. i have only put them at full power once or twice, the flex of my rear windows scares me. Hit them up on you tube they have a cult like following.
  2. I was thinking of a ported box for my subs and I think FI is the way to go, for me now. I still like all the others but like said, I want to be unique and I haven't heard of anyone having FI's. In the tuning of the port, how's that work? And do the bigger subs really hit deeper tones/notes?
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    the port is all about the tune, the FI website should give a tune freq. Then check out this website

    match one of these designs with what FI recommends. Built my enclosure from this site. Subs are alot like engines, the bigger they are the harder the go. But a quality sub in a quailty enclosure will go along way.
  4. So 2-15's would be louder than 2-12's correct? Can I rhino line MDF board? Fiberglass? I think it would be a great way to cover it up in the bed of my truck, that a way passerby's wouldn't see what it really was. Or maybe put it in a toolbox/chest and cut it out towards the cab. Does anyone have a good link that explains bandpass boxes? Is it both the ported and the sealed box together? Like both dimensions. Or is it a combination of the two that is equal to less the dimensions of both the boxes together?
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    NO NO NO!

    Bigger does not mean louder! I know a guy with a single 12" on 1000 watts thats louder than most guys with four 15" subs.
  6. Well that answers that lol. So if I wanted two of the BTL N212's by FI that called for 2000W RMS I'd need two amps that could put out 2000W of continuous power or one 2 channel amp that could put out 2000 per channel continuously?
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    How do you plan to wire these subs? Are these the dual voice coils? I would maybe go with 2 amps. Just make sure the box you build is done right...I have one guy who builds my boxes simply because hes good at every type of enclosure and it comes easy to him like breathing for you and I.

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    Maybe, a 1000w 12 inch sub getting 1000watts would be louder than 4 15's getting the same 1000 watts. Just like their is no substitute for cubic inches in the racing world their is no substitute for cone space in the audio world.

    If you are going for flat out SPL then the 15's would be louder but they would require more power. Kinda sounds like your on the fence about what to do, sound quality or SPL. Need to think about where you want your build to go. The FI BTL's, SSA Z-Cons, Digital Designs and other high end subs will love a quality enclosure and BIG power. Instead of multi amps look into a large single amp like Zed Audio, US Amps, Incriminator Audio or Sundown. All of these companies make efficient high power amps that will supply the large amounts power your craving.

    if your wanting that hair trick type of bass then bigger is better!! You Tube HAIR TRICKS and you will see.

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    X2, couldnt be more right.
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    Yuck. I've seen (and heard) the hair tricks. It's neat but umm, it usually sounds like crap (to me). I've never heard a setup that could do it that wasn't flat/distorted.... but perhaps that's a shortcoming in the setup. I checked you tube and the first two hits sounded about the same...
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    I agree its not for me, i have seen and heard these type of systems and over the computer they do sound bad, and some sound bad standing right in front of them, but they are not going for sound quality, they are shooting for SPL and it kinda sounds like what Corey is leaning towards.

    My own system is a 12 speaker system and 1500 watts built and designed for sound quality but it does hit and hits low, a benefit from the type of truck its in and the fact that i built it to my wants.

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