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  1. So the box and Power supply are everything. I would love a great balance between SPL and SQ, could I build one box for SPL and the other for SQ? Or would that just sound terrible? Should I just stick with finding a good balance?
    And yes I was thinking the dual 2 of the FI's.
    I'm gonna get the 15's, since they're going in a cab cutout from the bed box I've got plenty of room.

    New question, if someone could explain it real well or have a link that does. On bandpass boxes, would that be a great way to combine SPL and SQ? and is it a Sealed whole volume plus Ported whole volume or half of the ported volume plus half the sealed volume?

    The hair tricks would be funny to do to people but like a couple of y'all said, it sounds to distorted for my taste.
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    NO there is no happy medium between SPL and SQ.

    Continue your build with the FI BTL 12's. Buy a good mono block amp to run the subs and and a multi channel for the mids and highs. Go to the SSA forum and there is a couple of people on their that design and build GOOD enclosures. I think one of them is RAM Designs, I used a design from the SSA website and me and a buddy built it. More than happy.

    You do know that a single BTL 12 is $600 bucks and can handle 3000 watts. If you want to stay with FI look at there SSD series I believe there close to $300 and 500 to 1000 watts each. Try to match your sound stage to the quality of your sub, listen to as many as you can and try to find those brands you like already in a car like yours, they will sound between a wall and your truck will be different lean on your local shops for suggestions.

    Keep your wattage in the 0 to 3000 range and purchase a capacitor. it will store that needed power for the mono block amp when your in high volume and keep you from having to get multi batteries. Do the big 3 upgrade buy quality RCA cables, power and speaker wire and you will be happy. Once again dont go and purchase a 300/600 dollar sub and put a 50 dollar amp and expect to break glass. Try to match the quality of your speakers to your amps.

    Remember to match your ground cable to the size of your power cables, try to run your RCA's away from the pwr and gnd to help reduce noise. Their is a lot that goes into building a good system, take your time and dont half ass it and the result will be a great sound that you built.

    good luck and keep us posted
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    Bandpass boxes are designed primarily for SPL competition use. The reason why is, the term bandpass refers to the act of BLOCKING all but a narrow frequency range. Most bandpass boxes allow frequencies from 35 to 80hz to pass. That is a very narrow frequency tolerance. They do however play that limited frequency range VERY loud but as for the rest of the music, it's lost to the human ear. Music is very dynamic is frequency, even hard hitting wrap fluctuates a great deal on the lows and you will miss out on all the lows if you go with a bandpass box. I have installed a sealed box and a slot ported box in a truck before and they did work together fairly well although there were a few "strange" sounding moments in certain songs. I ran both boxes off separate amps and installed two kill switches so the customer could isolate the type of sound for the type of music he was listening to. It was a cool idea but cost more money then I thought it was worth. But I'm not the customer so who am I to say anything.
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    Those BTL's will love a ported box and so will you, i have always been a SEALED enclosure type of guy, when i bought my Sundowns everybody told me to go ported, Glad i did.Box is tuned to 30 hz and drops like nothing i have ever had. It does require more room so if your space is limited then sealed 'may' be they way to go.

    Here are a couple of links to help with the box type questions. and
  5. These links helped me wonderlously. Ive only read a couple things and I already understand way more. Thanks very much. And thanks everybody else for their input.

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