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  1. Eclipse

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    Well gonna go to the muffler shop Saturday and get a custom exhaust made up going true duals with dynomax S/T mufflers, and turned down after the axle, but was wondering which would be better just keep the duals seperate and straight or should I throw in an H or X pipe, now I hear H adds torque and deeper sound and X adds HP but raspier sound (just heard this if im worng plz correct me), Im going for a deep sound and wondering if I should thrown in H or X or just go straight. As soon as I get it done I will get some vids posted up.
  2. Pete95Sierra

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    that is what i have heard too about the H and X pipes. i would say just go for the straight tho
  3. Eclipse

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    Well got the Dynomax's put on Saturday,went true dual, with it dumped right before the axle, and tell you the truth, I was happy with the performance, but there just wasn't enough sound coming out, The muffler shop got it all installed and the owner even told me it might not be loud enough for me, so I drove it around and its sounds real good when you get on it, and even low rpms after its hot, but it sounds stock at start, idle, and cruise, except when it shuts down to 4 cyl then it gets a lil louder, so I went back into the shop and they put an X pipe on it to see if we could get any more volume out of it, and it helped a lilttle but no enough to meet my needs of sound, So although I am happy with the performance of Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers, there just not loud enough for me.(Now im not looking for real loud exhaust, I just want to be able to hear when I start it and good noise when i get on it, but dont want to much drone in the cab on long trips, but will sacrifice one for the other if need be)

    Now I did this set up on an 08 Silverado Crew cab, 5.3 v8 iron blk, fuel management

    So I just put it back in the muffler shop this morning and after talking to the owner about which way to go , i've decided to try some flowmaster 50 series delta flows, and if those go well I will try and get some vids up.
  4. route66paul

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    I think that the dynamax's flow better than the flowmaster 3 chamber muffs(50 and 70). If you want sound, go to the 40s or the 44s
  5. tbplus10

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    Dynomax is a great muffler, but they are quiet (which is what you buy a muffler for).
    If you want sound go with Flowmaster 40's their noisy and can be irritating at times (this is my personal opinion). But at idle, start up, and take off they sound great, long highway drives they have a habit of droning.
    I have flows on 3 of my trucks, two perform well and I have no issues their both single in single out systems. My Suburban has dual Flowmaster 40's with an "X" pipe it performs well around town, on the higway at times I get tired of the drone, turning up the stereo helps some but the noise is still there.

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