e-fans - change to electric fan?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by 4gstarion, Jul 16, 2008.

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    I have a 01 suburban with a 5.3l motor and has the fan driven by the pulley if i wanted to go electric fans b/c i have seen alot of people doing it lately what would i need and could i buy a whole package with everything i need and is it worth doing? let me know thanks
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    There are two reasons for running an electric fan: Performance (more efficiency) and fitment (the radiator's location doesn't allow a conventional fan). In the future, I suspect we'll see more, and more, OE electric fans. And, electric power steering will be close behind.
    When you look at fan kit prices, compared to the individual pieces, there appears to be a huge mark-up. IMHO, the accessory folks take advantage of consumers when there's electrical connections involved.
    My first experience with electric fans was in my 1986 'Vette. With the Z-51 option, it had two fans. During the time I had that car, I heard the second fan kick-in only a few times.
    Converting my old 'Burb to electric fans is on my list of things to do, but not the top. My present thinking is to have to have two fans, that way I can run them individually or together in series (assuming they're happy at 6v) or parallel. That will give me several operational options depending on the temperature. Like my old 'Vette, I don't think there will be many times when both fans will have to run on high. Of course, a large single fan would greatly reduce any fan shroud modifications.
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    i swap almost everything to e-fans. the best low cost way is goto your local junkyard and look for a ford Tarus with a 3.8 motor or T-bird and get ther fan off it. $15 then off to the auto parts house and get a constant duty rely (if you do not find one at the yard) and a temp controler and the thru raditor zip ties to hold the fan. then ire it in and set it and forget about it. i cooled hot rods, race cars, 4X4s, daily driven cars and my 502 big block motorhome. i yet to have any regrets. look at my super motors site and i got steps for a few different cars. this is ablut a $60 project and 1/2 a days work, but a lifetime inprovement on the motor......mike

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