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    finally got the travel trailer, 32-ft regular hitch, to tow behind the 99 suburban, 5.7-liter vortec 350, as long as it can. ran across discussions about putting e load rated tires on the pulling vehicle to give stiffer sidewalls to help prevent sway (got the bars, too) and possibly even to help a bit with gas mileage.

    only trouble is trying to find decent tires sized (235/75/15) or something that will go on those stock custom 15-inch rims on the burb. could go with d rated tires but i'm leaning toward the e's. michelin has an a/s tire but it starts at 16 inches.

    any knowledge of a tire out there that would be an e series with a decent reputation that would be in a 235/75/15? if so, i haven't found it. did run across the kumho tire and no i wouldn't put that on anything :lol:
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    Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

    I pull a 7400# Airstream travel trailer with a 2004 2500 Suburban. I use laod range E Michelins from Sams Club. Load range E's do start at 16 in. @500 Subs come with 245x75R16 E's. I replaced my original with 265's.

    With that big a trailer make sure that you use a quality weight distribution/sway control hitch system. Also check the hitch receiver on your Sub. The OEM receivers on GM trucks are junk when it come to heavy trailers. I have had weld cracks on two of them.


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